what is your favorite ONLINE comic strip

prompted, of course, by the “What is your favorite comic strip” thread.

I noticed that few (if any) people were listing online comics. I was hoping that I could find some good ones out there, apart from the ones I already read.

My favorites are Megatokyo and Penny Arcade

I love the much underappreciated http://oneoverzero.keenspace.com/

http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com is an inspiration to me; simple art but hilarious.

http://www.pentasmal.com is eerily like watching me and my friend Chris interact if we were both cartoonishly invulnerable.


Sluggy Freelance

Worship the comic!

My favorite is Sinfest.

Of course, there’s always Polymer City, a gamer’s comic like Megatokyo (at least, the older ones are).

And for the geeks out there who play Angband, The Angband Comic.

I am a Sinfest fan as well.



I cannot recommend it enough!

:slight_smile: my fovire comich book ero is spider man :slight_smile: i like the NBC TV SERIES AND COOL may 3 spider man the movie :slight_smile: JUST THINK THE PERSON STAN lee SAW A FLY N A CELING thought bugg man THEN SAID NO THAT WIL NOT FIT then he noticed how the fly clug to the celing and bingo!:slight_smile: Spider man was born:) i like spidy cause he is soo le soomany people clumzy do not have good cordination skills extc allways faling cutume faling apart even as spdr man in his custume he tryoe to get a ride from a taxie driver then realizes he does not have pockets in his spidy suite or oops rus out of web fluid nothing allways goes right but inte end spidey gets the bad guys:)

Sluggy Freelance.

I even got my stuffed Bun-bun a few days ago and he’s currently holding a position of honor in my car. Soon he’ll defend my desk at work against nerd-boys and telemarketers alike.

Sluggy used to be my favorite, but I lost all interest in it back during the Gwen/Kizke final battle thingy.

So… many…

First, what everyone else said. :wink:
GPF has the most addicting storyline right now.
Real Life makes me laugh the most.
PVP and RPG World for sheer geekiness.
Chopping Block and You Damn Kid for sick and twistedness.

And that’s just for starters. :smiley:

I really like on-line comics. Apart from what everyone else has said, I would like to add

Exploitation Now! - Yes, it is low, perverted, immature, and at times stupid… but it was my first web-comic and it always makes me laugh very hard. (Warning: The author is very immature and once in a blue moon will draw some :eek: topless characters. If you have a no-tolerence workplace, don’t click on the link)

Ozy and Millie - I LOVE this comic. Truly, it is the successor to Calvin and Hobbes (really, it is that good. Buy the books, mugs and anything else. Seriously.)

Fat Jesus - It is the second coming - and the first thing you notice is that Jesus did not exercise in the time he spent away. Funny

S.S.D.D. - Ah, England. :smiley:

Acid Reflux - Wild, zany, imaginative, you gotta love it. I strongly recommend getting hooked on this comic. Not for the overly religious.

Well, those are the ones I read. i like them all. Now, before trying to get the owners to pay for my promotional work, I leave you with my sig, for which no explanation is needed:

This board takes off the “show sig” feature upon previewing. Damn.


i’ll second PVP and Real Life. i also love Sabrina OnLine, it’s just a shame it’s only updated monthly…

Try Bob the Angry Flower. I find it hilarious, but most other people I know just don’t get it.

Angst Technology is my favorite.

Let’s try that again:

Angst Technology

The ones I read-

Choppingblock (it’s my favorite. Serial killers are people too, you know)
Ancient Messages
Kevin and Kell
User Friendly
Blotto Street
Avalon High
Sherman’s Lagoon
You damn kid
Red Meat
Real life

I used to read Aren’t We Real, Acid Reflux, Sexy Losers, and Cool Cat Studio, but all of those have disappeared now. There’s also a few that I’ve just given up on account of no regular updating.

Ozy and Millie
Boston and Shaun

Space Moose

Red Meat

Favorite Space Moose strip:

Space Moose - Hey buddy. I just shat my bed. Can I sleep with you tonight?

Bald Dwarf - Well…as long as you don’t try anything funny.

Space Moose - Do you consider aggravated homosexual assault funny?

I usually read, in roughly this order:

Sluggy Freelance
User Friendly
Bruno the Bandit
Kevin and Kell (a classic!)
The 'Top (which is on vacation this week, damnit)
8-Bit Theater
Exploitation Now
And Random Ravings from Azeroth/Sanctuary, whenever Darkness puts up a new one.