Reccomend some good online comic strips..

I like Bob and George.
It’s a comic strip following the adventures of Megaman(using the sprites from his game) throughout his games(and out of him).
I also like 8-Bit theatre which is sort of the same, except with FF1.
Can anyone reccomend some good(alot of the links on Bob and George to other sprite comics are shoddy rip offs of B and G) sprite comics?

Pibgorn (Page seems to be down at the moment, but come back later).

Really first class adventure strip, with some sly humor. Pibgorn is a fairy (the magic kind). Drusila (my favorite) is a succubus, a being of pure evil who happened to fall in love with Geoff – who loves Pibgorn. Really great fantasy adventures (many strips have no words at all).

Mac Hall is my favorite webcomic, by far. The early strips are pretty good, but the comic really picks up once Matt Boyd joins as the writer of the strip. The humor is wry and over-the-top without bashing you over the head over how clever it is (like most Jhonen Vasquez copouts these days), and the artwork is among the best I’ve seen outside of professional productions.

Sluggy Freelance is consistently funny and well-written, with art that improves steadily during its run (and it was pretty damn good to start with). The only caveat is that it’s tough for newbies to get into, since it is heavily character and story-based, and to get all the jokes, you have to read the whole half-decade of archives.

Schlock Mercenary: the webcomic for the interstellar gun-for-hire in you. Howard Taylor isn’t the best artist in the world, but his strip makes up for that with wit and intelligence.

Return to Sender: quirky, cute, often slightly evil. Highly recommended, although unfortunately isn’t updated very often these days.

Checkerboard Nightmare is the pinnacle of self-referential humor, as far as I’m concerned. Kris Straub is just a funny, funny guy, as anyone who has seen his take on the Apple “Switch” ads can attest. His woodcut strip is absolutely brilliant.

These days, I read Penny Arcade more for Tycho’s rants than the actual strip itself, but this strip is still one of the most popular videogame-centric strips around for a good reason.

Other webcomics I read include PvP, Megatokyo, It’s Walky, Nothing Nice to Say, and the aforementioned 8-Bit Theater. All are great, although often for completely different reasons.

I know of plenty of good online strips, As If! is one of my favorites. Other excellent choices would be Faux Pas , Kim and Jason , and another favorite, Sabrina Online . (no affiliation with the ditzy blonde.)

Hope the links work, there are also plenty of animated comics, and guilds and other groups to contact for more information.

Scary Go Round by John Allison is the best thing going. It’s not a gag strip, but an ongoing storyline.

And I do have to give Penny Arcade some credit. A year or so ago I hated the thing, but they’ve kept working at it, and now it’s on my daily circuit of time-wasting. The art’s the most impressive thing; it’s a distinctive style that still manages to be appealing, which is no small feat. It’s still a little annoying how people act like they’re the Second Coming, though.

WIGU is currently my favorite webcomic, replacing Sluggy Freelance which I’ve lost interest in of late.

Sluggy Frrelance s pretty good so far.

Sinfest is pretty funny, and then there’s one of my other favorites: Jack. I won’t link to it, because the content is rather… extreme, but it’s on keenspace for those of you who have strong stomachs.

I dig on Sinfest.

Dork Tower is hysterical if you’ve ever been a gamer. It’s been doing a lot of Lord of the Rings jokes lately, so it’s got a degree of universal appeal.

Ah, thanks for opening this thread. I’ve gotten in the trend of finding a comic that is archived online, and reading through a couple of months per day until I get up to present. By that time, I’ve become so attached to the characters that I get sad that it’s only coming one per day, so I have to go find another comic. I went through Penny Arcade, then User Friendly, then the wonderful Sluggy Freelance. I was about to open this same thread to ask for suggestions. :slight_smile:


Fred Gallagher’s work is my absolute favorite online. A 1337 gamer and a somewhat socially inept anime otaku’s adventures in Tokyo. Well written, pencils are amazing. Funny and poignant all in the same comic.

I’m fond of Achewood. And Homestarrunner is one of the funniest things I’ve found on the web. Of course, it’s java animation and not really a strip type of thing, but hey, it’s worth checkin’ out.

Meedly Meedly Meedly Meedly MEEEEE! and the Dragon comes in the NIIIIIGHT. And burninates the thatched roofed cottages of the villagers!

Space Moose is one of my favorite online comics, though it’s been over for almost 4 years now. It’s still new if you haven’t read it yet, though! The first year’s work has a lot of in-jokes that would only make sense to people going to the college the creator is from, but it gets a lot better after that.

The only online comic I follow regularly is College Roomies From Hell. I think I’m in love with Chester. :slight_smile:

Let see, I always check out:

Freefall ( )
Sluggy Freelance ( )
User Friendly( )
Nip and Tuck ( )
PvP ( )
Schlock Mercenary ( )
Under the Lemon Tree ( )

For one of the most complete lists of online comics, check out
The Belfry Comics Index:

i like writhe and shine and stripteasecomic

Overdue - About Library and Librarians (updated daily)

Waiting for Frodo - Guy queues up for LOTR 8 months in advance…and lots of drama (rarely updated)

Kevin and Kell’s been a sentmental favorite.