Slugs - how do you kill 'em?

Every morning when I get up and go into my bathroom there are about a dozen or so slugs on the floor and in the shower.

It’s really disgusting and I desperately need to know how to get rid of them and stop them coming back.

Nobody I know seems to know what to do.

Any suggestions from the Dopers?

Here’s how you can benefit from them:

Never had them indoors but if they are like the ourdoor guys then they like moisture. Dry things up. Do you have a water leak behind the walls or cold water pipes sweating? There are slug specific poisons but that only gets rid of the current batch. Cleaning up the cause is better.

In the garden I moved the plants they liked to drier locations and opened up the areas the slugs favored to dry them out. Also laid down very dry peat which they don’t like to crawl over.


I don’t think there is a leak or sweating pipes but the building I live in is very old (well over 100 years) and often is quite damp. Unfortunately fixing that problem would probably require demolition - a little extreme perhaps, considering that I rent!

What are the poisons you were talking about? Are they very strong? I don’t want anything TOO extreme in the house. I just want to kill the slugs - not myself. :slight_smile:

Some ideas from Cecil:

Not that it’ll help with your problem, Jade, but it’s certainly fun reading.

I know this is bad but when I was a kid I’d sprinkle salt on them–it drives them nuts and also dehydrates them. If you can figure out where they’re coming into your bathroom-just make a ring of salt and they won’t go any further. I’m not saying to throw salt on them cuz thats cruel!!!

The beer thing is a real alternative but messy.

I used Dragon Corp’s (Roanoke, VA 24019), Dragon. Its sufficiently poisonous to kill life as we know it and has all the usual warnings of a garden poison = hazardous.

I used it once but it rained constantly over the period so the pellets melted and the slugs laughed it off. At that point I
was stuck with poison leached in all over the place and the job undone so scrapped using it. That’s why I still have the just about full box here. If you use beer or pellets your still left with dead slugs.

I’d go for a creative solution of figuring out what is wet and why. May be you get heavy fogging or dampness off the coast?

If your on the second floor look for a wet chase. If on the first snoop the basement. Something’s got to be damper than usual. Do you have an exhaust for the bathroom? May be a well placed muffin fan would help?

during the spring we get so many slugs outside that my mom and i go out and ‘pick’ them. on average we get about a hundred and fifty, two hundred a night. we tried the beer thing but all it did was get them drunk… :slight_smile:

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Make elaborate mazes out of salt. Put the slugs in it one at a time. If they make it to the end, pick them up and throw them outside. :wink: