Slumberland (no spoilers in OP)

Anyone catch Slumberland on Netflix yet? My kids (17 and 33) and I (old as the hills) all loved it. It was cute and fun and silly. Jason Mamoa certainly had a good time with it. I loved the actor who played Nemo. She will go far I think. And Chris O’Dowd was Chris O’Dowd, only American. It was a good show, family friendly and while it was funny it had some tear-jerker moments as well.

I liked that they did it as a straight up fairy tale. No winks and nods to the parents and no (that I could find) pop culture references. A fun movie.

Didn’t notice any pop culture references either but I swear Flip was a straight split between Beetlejuice and Captain Jack Sparrow. I really liked seeing Mamoa be silly and whimsical.