The Happytime Murders Seen it Thread (no spoilers in OP)

Good ole AMC A-list means I can see fringe movies like this and not care.

The movie definitely made my laugh a good handful of times and that made it worth my time. My biggest critique of the movie is it was too down the middle. It wasn’t straight enough to be a straight-up noir throwback with puppets, but it also wasn’t zany enough and actually not really dirty enough to be “omg I can’t believe they did that with puppets!”

The reveal of the who did it it actually pretty funny and I’m sure I’m not original, but I did feel pretty good that I figured it out.

I’m sure the reviews of the movie are terrible, but I had a good time

Rotten Tomatoes has it around 25%.

I haven’t seen it, but I’m getting a Theodore Rex vibe.

My son loved it (14 year old), and my husband said it wasn’t as good as Team America, but he enjoyed it too. My sense is that if you can embrace your inner Calvin, you’ll like it just fine.