Nice girl with the loveliest voice I’ve ever heard from the call centre invites the staff out for a pub crawl on saturday.

I’m off the Island on saturday.


Oh well. I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.
Her voice on the phone brightens my day.

Nothing like a girl who gives good phone…

That’s no woman, she’s a man baby!

I’ve seen her, briefly. We made that eye contact that lasts a split-second longer than ordinary eye contact. That eye contact where the mutual direct stare is dliberate. Where the spark of love happens (it may not be mutual, but I am convinced I saw passion in her eyes). Since that moment her calls (when she’s known who she’s talking to) have been far more friendly. Am I to interpret this as direct flirtation with me?

Yes, go for it!

It’s that simple folks…

You coudl cross fingers and HOPE for a general transport strike to and from the Island that day.:slight_smile:

It’s a trap!

Hahaha! Admiral Fish Head. Heh.


Give the woman a call and ask her out, Lobsang my boy, for the world is your oyster; I hope you like seafood.

… and then you walk into a doorjam. I hate when that happens.

Ask her out already. Because if you don’t, you won’t get any sympathy when you pit yourself later about it.

Lob. Holy Jeeeezus, man!
Get to the nearest telephone, and dial her number like she’s 911 and your ass is on fire. ASK HER OUT NOW. DO NOT DELAY.

Damnit, pal…I expect that we should all be hearing something about how you have a date in just a little bit, right? RIGHT??

Good luck! :smiley:

Seriously, man! Now you have the perfect excuse! All you gotta do is say to her, “Man, I really wish I could make it to the pub crawl, but I’m not going to be in the area. Could you and I maybe [insert activity here] on [insert day here] instead?”

Ooh, Madlibs with Lobsang! Best kind!

I vote for “do Morris Dancing” and “my Aunt Melba’s birthday”. :smiley:

Or possibly 999 in this case. You mustn’t confuse the lad! :slight_smile:

So, what news, Lobsang?

None, yet.
(why am I saying ‘yet’?)
I haven’t been back to work since posting.
Can’t I just do what I always have done, and admire from afar? In this case enjoy that lovely voice every time she rings.


How does “I love hearing you talk” sound? Cos I’ve felt like saying that many times. What are the chances of the reply being “Ooooooo K, I’ll be hanging up now”
Hmm, well. I guess I’ll find out more about her, maybe find excuses to pop up to the call centre floor, guage her true motives before blurting out a request for a ‘date’.

EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES. Just do it, Lobsang, just do it. You’ll wait around and miss out if you don’t. You don’t have a damn thing to lose if you do it and a hell of a lot to lose if you don’t. :eek: