Small dog people, what am I?

Very cute! It’s hard to be sure, but I get a “Chihuahua mix” feel from the face/head. Mutts are great. They tend to be hardier than the purebreds. I have two poodle mix mutts and will never own another purebred again.


Rarely is a mixed breed dog a cross between Purebred A and Purebred B. It is far more common for two mix breed dogs to reproduce, creating offspring that observers then try to categorize simply as an AxB.

A friend’s dog is the result of an English Setter looking male bred to a female that looks like a German Shepard. His dog looks exactly like a purebred Golden Retriever.

There’s always genetic testing, if your curiousity demands it.

Try again with the video, I fixed the settings.

Cute, cute and cute!! Such a bright and alert little face.

There is Jack Russell in her heritage mix or I will eat my hat, but it is tough to say what the other components might be. The fluffy ears could well be Papillion or possibly even a soupcon of Cocker Spaniel.

Congrat’s on your new addition. ������

Papillion would explain the floofy ears and the delicate gate. There’s a defined squat to her rear haunch that makes me want to say “Dachsund.”

When they get the tall gene they look a lot like her. And they tend to get the red too:

P.S. While I was looking for that I found this, which I’m finding absolutely hysterical.

Must be bedtime.

She looks like a mini-mutt, heavy on the Chihuahua, to me.

She looks like a real li’l sweetie, too.