Small dog people, what am I?

This little beuty was pulled from a kill shelter by a rescue and is now mine! Her name is Volpe, she is 4 months old and weighs 5lbs. Her tail sort of curls up, she has HUGE ears, and has long hair between her toes.

The ears are like, but not identical to, a papillon. Might be a papi-yorkie cross?

She’s cute.

I’m not sure she’s a pure-bred. Maybe some kind of terrier like a rat terrier or a toy fox terrier mixed with something that has longer hair?

A mix between a Chihuahua, and some kind of terrier. Maybe Rat Terrier, maybe Jack Russell. What does the vet say?

My cat Morgan, who chose me when I happened to be at the shelter on other business says to enjoy her, but I have to go now because it is time to pet Morgan.

The rescue that Papillion crossed with something, too.

She hasn’t seen my vet. The Chihuahuas in the cages next to her, some of them pure bred, were all smaller then her. She has long legs.

Sounds like a mouser of some sort. Having a mouser is fun, unless you’re a mouse.

My first thought was terrier mix. Dunno what else might be in there, tho.

She can go as Salacious B. Crumb for Halloween!

Is she shaved right now? The fur is short for Papillion.

Congrats on your new arrival. I’m guessing you’ll have a better idea when she’s grown into her bits and pieces a bit more.

She looks adorable!

I’m not married to the idea of a Chihuahua, but FWIW, there are a lot of Mexican people who live in my area with Chihuahuas as pets, and they are all big-- like Boston Terriers. I wonder if real Mexican Chihuahuas are bigger than US-bred ones.

Anyway, a Chihuahua mixed with a Jack Russell would be a size in between the two. I knew someone with a Miniature Poodle/GSD cross. It was about the size of a Standard Schnauzer.

But like I said, I’m not married to Chihuahua. I do think she’s got some kind of terrier, though. And Papillion could be right. It never would have occurred to me, because it’s not a breed I have seen very often IRL, but now that it’s been mentioned, I can see it.

She isn’t necessarily a cross of two purebreeds, bear in mind. She could be 6 different breeds, in different proportions.

Oh what a cutie!

I too am thinking there’s some Papillon in there, and some kind of small terrier mix.

Papillon/Toy Fox Terrier or the like. She’s probably got other breeds in there too, and is a real cutie.

She’s adorable! What a sweet face she has! I think we need more pics to decide what breed(s) she is. Yep, definitely need more pics - gotta see those long legs of hers.
I’d vote from some terrier in there too, and to me her face looks a bit Chihuahua-like.

It might be easier to tell to what breeds she is when she old , I would call her a cutiepoo ! :slight_smile:

She could be a rat terrier and grow into those ears.

No idea what kind of mix she is, but if you get tired of her send her my way. She’s adorable.

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What are you? You’re a good girl, yes you are.

Oh, and I don’t know diddly-squat about dog breeds. Hope you enjoy the little furball!

Here’s a video of her I got this afternoon.

Also, some more pics.

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I think she’s a mutt, but I also think she’s awesome. And so are you!

Happy dogging!

Totes adorbs. Is that a breed?