Small piano

Does anyone know of a good small electronic keyboard? The smaller, the better. Something like this but updated with today’s technology.

Getchaself a harmonium. Much cooler than any electronic keyboard. Ask Neil Young.

The latest technology in electronic sound machines.

The roadies are NOT gonna like that.

Erm, I hope you aren’t going to claim you have a twelve inch pianist. :dubious:

Are you looking for something like this? That’s a 37 key mini Casio keyboard.

Or there’s the Roland PCR-M1 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. 25 keys, velocity sensitive. Plug it into a laptop with a good MIDI sound card, and you’re off to the races.

There’s a similar M-Audio Oxygen-8 controller.

Or here’s a 45 Key wearable keyboard

Or maybe you’re looking for something like a Casio VL-Tone micro synthesizer. They haven’t been made for a long time, but you can get them for about $60 on eBay.

Or if you want that retro electronic fun and it doesn’t have to be a keyboard, you could always build a Theremin.