Smallville 10/20 - spoilers aplenty

I missed it last night, as I was out drinking with a buddy of mine from out of town and watching some really kick ass live music.

Can anyone provide a brief outline of what happened?

Most of the episode was Clark meeting “The Flash”, also known as Bart. Flash is a pickpocket who travels the world or something and Clark tries to convince him to tread the straight-and-narrow path. Lex finds some old document that looks like text on first glance, but has some sort of map underneath it. During the episode, Flash steals, tries to fence it and gets beat up by the guys he tries to sell it to, then saved by Clark. Lex gets his document back. Kristin Kreuk and her boyfriend go to the caves and see the same pattern on the cave wall that’s on her back now.

Superman apparently met the character comic geeks will recognize as Impulse/Kid Flash, or Bart Allen. Bart is a young speedster who steals Clark’s dad’s wallet, but also saves his life, showing him to be a good but misguided kid. Clark tracks him down and finds that Bart is a sped-up Artful Dodger, with a hotel room of stolen merchandise and three different I.D.'s, reading Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West, Flashes I, II, and III, respectively. Actually, depending on his real name, I guess he could have been any of the four of them, although Impulse seemed most likely.

Clark tries to show Bart that with great power comes great responsibility, or some such junk, but Bart is torn between his knowledge of what’s right and his love of taking whatever he wants without paying for it. Bart eventually takes an ancient scroll from Lex’s home (with a map underneath revealed to those with x-ray vision), Lex asks Clark if he knows who took it, and the Boy Scout lies to Lex’s face. Lex tells Clark there are only a few fences in Metropolis who could move an item of that value, and he will catch the thief thusly. Clark swallows hard.

Bart turns up with the item to sell, the fence clobbers him when he’s not looking. Lex walks up nonchalantly, tells the fence Bart is just a kid and to let him go (when is this guy going to turn evil?), and that the cops are on the way so they’d better do as told. Fight ensues, Lex does well but gets suckerpunched, and while unconscious gets a gun drawn on him. Criminal says to Bart “hey kid, let’s see if you’re faster than a speeding bullet”, which is you know who’s chance to show up, catch the bullet, whoop ass and save the day. Bart pulls some Kryptonite on Clark and is about to leave with the map, but Clark convinces him through his Kryptonite induced pain that Bart’s one of the good guys so he just steals the map, instead of stealing the map and killing Clark. By the end of the episode we see that he’s returned the map to Lex; he speed into the sunset to explore the world a little bit and look for other super-types.

Oh, and there was some dumb subplot about how Lana’s back tattoo is the same design as in the mysterious Smallville caves and is Kryptonian or something.

Bad points :
Total corruption of the Flash legacy by skipping straight to Bart and making him a criminal.
Whiny Lana.

Good Points :
Nod to the semi-regular Superman/Flash races.
Nod to Bart’s future origin in the comics.
Bart runs on water!
Bart’s powers (probably) DON’T come from Kryptonite. (Thank you, gods of Television!)

Overall, nice.

In the future, I hope we’ll get some delivery on the promise hidden in Bart’s offhand line about forming a ‘club, or a league, or somethin.’

You know, after Clark meets up with a young orphan billionaire, and a boy who can breathe underwater, and an alien from another world who has used his shapeshifting abilities to fit in on Earth for the last 20 years…

I taped it, but haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. I really just popped into the thread to see which Flash they used. :slight_smile:

And I seriously hope that when Clark does meet the guy who can breathe underwater and talk to fish, he says something to the effect of “Yeah, but is there anything else you can do? 'Cause that’s kinda lame, unless every supervillain in the world decides to go ahead with some nefarious ocean plot …”

Draelin, it’s worth noting that big fans of the Flash continuity got a great chuckle out of this episode. When Clark is rifling through Bart’s stuff for Mr. Kent’s wallet, he finds a stack of fake IDs. Clark shuffles through the stack when Bart shows up, and Clark’s line is priceless:

“This stuff isn’t yours – who are you, anyway? ‘Jay Garrick’? Or ‘Wally West,’ or ‘Barry Allen’ or whatever your name is… you can’t just take people’s stuff.”

…and of course, Flash fans who are completely over-the-top OCD will remember that Michael Rosenbaum (Lex!) voiced The Flash in 2001’s Justice League animated series.

Not to pounce, or anything, but pravnik mentioned the ID thing…

And Rosenbaum is probably still the voice of the Flash on the JL (now JLU) animated series - y’know, if they ever have him show up.

No worries. :slight_smile: My girlfriend got a kick out of me squealing with delight like a little girl at that line. I had thought that the Bruce Wayne meetup had already happened and I’d missed it, but Googling around says that it hasn’t happened yet (although that’s the guest match-up the fans most want to see). Apparently it’s unlikely for the time being because they don’t want the series to step on the toes of “Batman Begins” dealing with Bats’ early days.

story I found: apparently the series was originally going to be centered around the early life of Bruce Wayne who was supposed to meet up with a young Clark Kent, but that series was nixed and changed to “Smallville.”

I really enjoy the speed effect where the world basically is in super slo-mo but Bart and Clark are regular speed. It reminds me of why Quicksilver in the Marvel comics is such an ass. He lives that way his entire life and has to constantly wait of people and things to catch up with him. It’s like living your entire life at the DMV. At least Flash has the ability to not tap into the speed force when he wants (I think.)

Also liked Bart’s lightning bolt on his backpack, and his line to the fences that he can be there in a flash.