JLU 6/17/05 (CAN) - Divided We Fall (OPEN SPOILERS!)

I had to admit that coming into this episode I was worried that JL was almost done. However, thanks to that speech at the end, I am sure that it will continue in some form. When Superman mentioned an earth based embassy the magic words ran through my brain, “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…”.

As for the episode, wow. My heart was racing the whole time, although I did have to wonder why Amazo wasn’t called in. And how about Flash? I was getting chills when he was on his knees between the two ‘soliders’. Like (what is the name of the Brainiac / Luthor hybrid?) I thought that Flash was chickening out, but he just wanted to build up a good head of steam. I must admit that the rescue was a bit Star Trekian for my tastes, it was still thourghly entertaining.

Again, the continuity of the animated DCU is fantastic. Not only were things related back to the Justice League series, they also used things from the Superman series. I really do hope that JLU continues in some form.

Anybody else see this? Anybody? Anybody? Waller?

I love this show, but could not catch this episode. Sorry.

What i would’ve like to see was a DIFFERENT flash be pulled out of the speed force, that would’ve been great. Barry, John Fox or even the Justice Lords Flash, would’ve been cool.

Or even Jay Garrick or The Streak (from the JL episode with The Justice Guild).

Why didn’t Brainiac turn his tentrals YELLOW when he was fighting Green Lantern? It would have done 2 things; been the logical thing to do AND show that the ring’s limitation is also a matter of the ringbearer’s limitation; as John figured out ways to stop the tentrals without attacking them directly. I also liked Superman’s rage at his Justice Lord alter-ego.

Because John’s never demonstrated the yellow weakness (likewise, J’onn seems fine against fire, Superman’s the only one with an old-timey achilles heel). There were some weapons that were immune to John’s ring, and they were yellow, but that was more a matter of their exotic energy, the yellow was just a nod to old-timers.

Really dug this episode. Wonder if the Speed Force stuff went over the heads of casual fans.

Are you sure? Memory may be wrong, but I thought the ring’s weakness was noted when they fought the Hawk-people? Could be wrong though…

I just read up on this and I read that Wally was supposed to be the only person who got out of the speed force alone, but he needed help on the show.

Now that you mention it, the Hawks did have a specific defense against all the league, didn’t they? I think they had something more complex than simply yellow weapons, but I could be wrong.

Anyone recall what they had?

Wally had “help” in the comics in that he was guided back home by his love for his now-wife, Linda Park. That’s kinda like what happened here.

Out of left field, but whose line done XS hail from? Barry’s or Wally’s? I seem to remember her being Iris’s neice? But I don’t remember Barry having any children…is the new Top his?

Barry had 2 kids, by Iris, in the 30th century - the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn.

Impulse/Kid Flash is Barry’s grandson via Don and his wife, Melanie Thawn. XS is his granddaughter via Dawn and her husband Jeren Ognats.

Of course, that was how it worked before Legion was rebooted, who knows what’s up now.

More Flash information than you can shake a stick at. Or more specifically, more info on anyone with superspeed.

Thanks for link. It reminded of the Death of Johnny Quick. He had spent decades arguing with Max Mercury over the source of their powers…believing his speed fomula over any “magic”. Then when Jessie’s about to be killed, he starts to recite the formula…not enough time!

"The hell with it…"and off he goes at super-speed. Nice.

XS is MIA in time, but Bart’s origin is the same. His future origin has made him uniquely immune to changes in the timeline. He remembered Linda after Abra Kadabra edited her out of everyone else’s memories, for example.

Yeah, I know of Bart’s immunity.

That actually leaves the question of what’s going on in the 30th century with the Allen-West family more of an open question. Since Bart’s not going to feel it, whatever it is, the new 30th/31st century - that is assuming Shikari did slip into the 31st century of the main time line and not some tangential hypertimeline - may or may not contain a Barry and Iris Allen, a Don and Melanie Allen, a Jeren and Dawn Ognats, or a Jenni Ognats. And, given the apparent status quo of the 31st century in the new version, if they are there, the twins would have led a much quieter life than they did in the timeline that spawned Bart and Jenni, and may not have married their respective spouses and had the kids.

And Bart would never know. Nor would the readership, even if they read LSH (Unless Waid plans to use them in the culmination of this storyline - but I don’t think any of them fit into the limits he’s set for characters.).

One question needs to be answered by someone, sometime - where does Barry’s time in the 30th century fit in with the new Legion timeline?

Raising that question was the point of my last post, and the line in my previous post Mennochio was commenting on. >_>

The simplest answer is ‘Hypertime, so shush.’

I just want to point out that David Goyer, director of Batman Begins and currently shooting Ghost Rider, is slated to direct a Flash movie. The Flash site that I linked to earlier mentions that he is going to have something about the Speed Force in the movie. And the movie could very well have Jay, Barry and Wally in it. As long as it is better than the series from 1990, and it can’t be worse, it should be very interesting. Although, I still would rather have a Green Lantern movie.