Justice League Unlimited 7/9/2005 - "Panic in the Sky"

Wow. Just… wow.

Batman’s response to the League’s plan is the funniest thing I’ve heard yet.

Supergirl’s tiny tee seems to stretch in impossible fashions to keep her decent. Unstable molecules imported from the Marvel U, no doubt.

Well, I have something to look forward to tonight. :smiley:

You know, I bet the animators made a naughty version. I know I would have. Hopefully it will hit the net like the Family Guy one did. (Just in case you didn’t know)
I knew they were miraculously going to have no deaths from that huge explosion but it’s still absolutely ridiculous. I mean look how the ground rolled. I had hoped they just weren’t going to mention it though.

Now I have an appetizer. Oh Goooooogle!

I just have to give mad props to the people who designed and built the watch tower. The thing has survivability.

And can somebody get an O ring for Stripe?

Brief spoilers for the end of the episode:

I should have guessed the villain from the title of the episode. The creators are too big of comic book geeks to have an episode titled “Panic in the Sky” and not have Brainiac as the villain…

Anyone else get a kick out of Flash’s response to “Where’s Batman?” ?

Uhhhh… what’s the connection?

Hey! Its’ Pat Dugan!

Batman is a dick. On the other hand that was hilarious!

“Space based weapons systems always destablize planetary politics.” Hmmmm. Gotta message much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing I taped the Saturday showing of this. I need to rewatch these fights sans my cheering. :o

SUPERPOWERED CAT FIGHT/preview of Supergirl #1!

CandidGamera, good point about Kara’s shirt. Also, shouldn’t heat vision burnt off more than it did? Maybe she and Johnny Storm have the same tailor.

[spoiler]Someone guessed Darkseid for Luthor’s alter ego. Nice try.

Brainiac/the writers must have some big contingency plan. The Justice League minus the big guns plus Static took him. Heck, Superman can take him alone.[/spoiler]

There’s a review and sound clips here. Unfortunately the Batman one is currently down.

On preview: HPL, yea.

Oh, the Family Guy clip (the sex therapist one, right) was fun, but not worth the Simpsons hentai I now have to bleach out of my brain.

Marge and Milhous. :Shudder:

A few thoughts… [unboxed SPOILERS]

-Apparently, the Watchtower’s sickbay uses honest to god porcelain bedpans. Huh. Well, I guess you’d have to be prepared for having patients who have super-powered colons. (Hell, maybe the thing wasn’t porcelain at all. It might have been titanium.)

-Lousy fascist orbital deathrays, what did they ever need one of THOSE for, anywa—oh, right, maybe it was because of that little alien invasion, or those ravenous borg-bug things that tried to assimilate the southwest? (By the way, John, maybe you should have brought up your concerns about the political effects of the deathray BEFORE they built the bloody thing?)

-At one point, there are three superheroes all named “John” (or something like it), one black, one green, one black AND green, all voiced by black actors, and all onscreen at the same time. (Well, one was on the intercom. Still…) It doesn’t really mean anything, but it was kinda odd.

-As for what happened to Galatea…I guess we know how she’s going to get the “Power Girl” name. :smiley:

-I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…when confronting a supervillain about the vast, evil conspiracy he’s behind, and he’s gloating about it, it couldn’t hurt to be wearing a “wire.”

-I’ve learned that, when setting by DVD timer to record something, I should make sure that it’s clock isn’t running four minutes fast. (“Brainiac!—” ::fizzt. Recording Stopped.:: :eek: )

So, uh, did SuperGirl actually KILL HER CLONE? The clone looked pretty dang fried to me!

She (Galatea) was still twitching. Granted, that could still happen with a corpse, but this is a show that didn’t even let the heroes kill Nazis during WWII.

Speaking of great lines…“Goodbye, daddy.” Yow.

Titanium? Might as well be tissue paper, if a Kryptonian uses it.

Does the D.C. Universe have an equivalent to the Marvel Universe’s adamantium ?

The voice of J’onn is Black? I didn’t know that. Cool.

Boo! I’m taking tomatoes out of the fridge and leaving them in the sun just for you.

The whole scene with Hamilton was great. I love how they’re playing with the differences in the DC Universe and the DC animated universe. The “kryptonite is my kryptonite” line threw me as I was thinking about DCU Power Girl who isn’t weak against kryptonite, though she once was, as opposed to DCAU Power Girl, who as a clone of Supergirl, shares the weakness. Or maybe it was just me.

Other nice touches:
-Red Tornado vs. the three wind guys (Dragon something, right?). Come on. RT was once an air elemental.
-Captain Atom helping out.
-I’m going to have to rewatch the fight because there are so many great little things that I caught, like Hourman activating his Miraclo, that there are bound to be ones I missed.

The story title was a cross over in the early nineties that featured that character as the main villain.

Did you see it again? Don’t worry that’s actually the end of the episode. Cut to the credits.

Pre-Crisis, there was “Supermanium”.

Invented by Batman, I think.

Promethium, which was introduced to the DC Universe by Marv Wolmman (who says he didn’t know before he introduced it that there’s a real element called promethium).


What what what?

With regard to tough materials - The Future DCU has Inertron; the Pre-Crisis DCU dictated that any metal from Krypton was ultra-strong - at least, under a yellow sun, IIRC.