Justice League - 6/11/05 (US) (open spoilers)

Captain Marvel joins the League while Superman is off-world.

While being interviewed, Marvel sorta endorses Lex Luthor’s presidential campaign. This gets him called on the carpet by the League - mostly Superman.

While at a charity function given by Luthor, Supes overhears Luthor talking about a “device” and his “escape plan”. Supes finds a device under the plaza where the event is taking place. Supes evacuates the plaza and goes after the device (supposedly a kryptonite powered generator).

Marvel comes in and he and Supes have a wicked knock down drag out fight.

I didn’t know Marvel was so powerful!

Of course, I’m on Superman’s side. Luthor is slime and Marvel refuses to see it.

Can’t wait for the conclusion!

Supes was kinda… hostile in this ep, wasn’t he? It’s understandable, I guess, just not very heroic.

Luthor’s scum, sure, but I have to go with the Big Red Cheese.

Supes was being totally irrational.

Cap’s a kid, and made some mistakes (accidentally endorsing Luthor, for instance), but the Big Blue Boy Scout is being a dork about the kid.

I think that was part of Luthor’s plan - make the League look like a bunch of bullies.

The fact that Supes and Luthor have such a long history of hostilies helped.

Superman is a dick.

Couldn’t resist. Wow! What a complex show! My head is spinning. Marvel was really harsh on the League, but they were pretty tough on him. In an American animated show the bad guys won one. That’s twice in four weeks. Color me impressed.

As for Marvel’s power level: Supes and the Cheese are comparable, but Supes edges him out. I kinda wish that they had explained why the SHAZAM! lightning thing was so effective against Superman (its’ magic-based, magic being one of Supes’s weaknesses.), but I doubt there was time. Anyway, in a series of crossovers about a month ago Marvel used the same move and was eventually bailed out by, well, a wizard (it makes sense, really).

Anybody notice the picture of George W. Bush in Billy’s classroom? Nice touch, but a bit jarring (the animation I mean).

It reminded me of a pre-Crisis ongoing subplot in which Vandal Savage had a similar anti-Supes propaganda campaign going. It ended with (spoilered on the off chance the cartoon guys are drawing from this source):

Supes meets with Savage and gets him monologing, explaing his true plan. Natch, it’s all being secretly broadcast. Savage is discredited and presumably goes on to start another master plan to pass the time while he spins out his immortal existence

Superman really IS a dick!

Touches I liked:

  1. The fight. Awesomeness personified.

  2. Captain Marvel absolutely looked and acted and sounded the part. This should be the definitive animated version of The Big Red Cheese.

  3. I loved-- loved – how Captain Marvel called the JL meeting, put the verbal smackdown on Superman and then just quit.

  4. It’s absolutely worth noting that was a damned good fight.

  5. Billy Batson went to CC Beck Elementary. Nice shout out. Now: who noticed Freddy Freeman and Mary Batson in the back of the classroom?

  6. They used the magic lightning to zap Superman. Woo-hoo! Oh, if only broadcast standards allowed blood to come out of Superman’s ears and bloodshot eyes.

  7. I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll note this again: I swear that green glowing ring on Waller’s hand is kryptonite. If so, Luthor is a dick for keeping its side-effects a secret.

  8. I knew Captain Marvel was tough enough to take on Supes.

  9. Superman is a kinda dick lately. I wonder if he’s still under control of that mind device Grodd’s Secret Society of Super Villains used on the team awhile back?

  10. Loooooooooooved the fight. I want an encore.

Yes…the CC Beck Elementary was a great reference. Didn’t catch Mary and Freddy…would think I’d have caught his crutch.

That pretty much goes without saying, no?

Supes, Bats and J’onn are all kind of dicky lately. Shayera, Diana, Wally and John are all fine, though… (Although John displayed a bit of a narcciccistic streak in the Shayera/Vixen ep…) So if…ok, when… those 3 come to a head, there’s a chance of reasonable heads prevailing, even if it does come down to just the Big 7.

Actually, I believe it was “C.C. Binder Elementary,” a shout-out to Captain Marvel co-creators C.C. Beck and Otto Binder.

Lou, you’re absiolutely right to correct me. Thank you!

My DVR cut off just as Luthor was handing the glass to the shadowy figure. Can anyone catch me up? (I take it the figure was the Wall).

Good episode. I think Supes was acting jealous.

I also LOVED Billy Batson’s eyes!

Yeah, it was Amanda Waller toasting with Luthor at the end. Then she took her shirt off and rubbed oil all over his bald head!

That was based on a pre-crisis story, I believe! :smiley:

I think it was from “You Get the Best Lovin’ From Big Women,” from DC Comics Presents #86.

I was rather surprised to see Hawkgirl back in the inner JLU core. I think this is the first time since the Thanagarian invasion. Superman was being a major league dick, even before the interview.

Best line:
Jonn J’onzz, “You never call for help.”

Not just a major dick, but dumb as a stump to boot. Let’s see what your theory is, Superman: Lex Luthor, possibly your worst and most knowledgable enemy, goes to all the trouble of building an entire city with (supposedly) a built-in bomb, invites you to the dedication ceremony, and then…talks about his escape plan less than thirty feet away from you. I’m pretty sure Lex knows you have super-hearing, you Kryptonian tool.

I’m surprised Batman delivered the “You’ve been set up” news without serious sarcasm.

Once again, let me say that I love the JLU take on Batman.

He isn’t a total dick, but he IS somewhat intense.

I really like his friendships with Superman and WW.

I think here, he realized his buddy screwed the pooch and felt sorry for him.

Nah. She was there in the Doomsday episode.

So is Lex completely cured or is he still wearing his cancer shield? I’d be surprised if Waller didn’t know about the long-term effects of Kryptonite. She probably thinks that Superman won’t be a threat for too much longer, that is, if she gets her way.