Smallville 1/18/2007 [Spoilers likely]


The seeds of the Justice League.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I enjoyed it.

Chloe - Nice touch making her “The Watchtower” I’m guessing she’s moving towards the Barbara Gordon/Oracle role. I half-expected her to move on the Ollie and crew at the end.

Clark - He’s gonna have to start wearing glasses and work at the Planet soon, or everyone’s gonna figure it out. I’m already wondering if Lex is have to have some (more) major head trauma, so he doesn’t figure out this whole Clark Kent/Superman thing.

Lex and Lana - There was none. Thank ghod - I tend to fast forward through that part anyhow.

Lionel - I’m still trying to figure out what the writers are planning to do with him. He seems to be everyone’s foil right now.

The Flash/Impulse - I really wish they had gone with a less rat faced actor. Aside: Does any one know whether the producers of the early 90’s TV version of The Flash still own the TV rights to Barry Allen/The Flash? I think that might explain the name difference.

Ollie - Back to Star City. They’re really pimping him hard. Has anyone heard whether there’s a spin-off planned?

OK, once in a while, a show comes along which tears apart my hypothesis that my husband and I are an inverted male/female couple, that he’s a girl and I’m a heartless jerk.

This was that show.

My husband and my teenaged son loved it and were sending each other astral high-fives every time Something Cool happened. I was bored to sleep (literally) until Ollie and Lois had a Relationship Scene.

I am irritated that the Ollie/Lois thing is over, simply because they were the last remaining duo with any chemistry whatsoever (not to mention that it gave them a reason to get his shirt off in every scene possible).

Lana and Lex? Snoooooore. I keep hoping she’s going to turn up dead.
Chloe and Jimmy? Puh-lease. It’s like a preschool romance with less sexual tension.
Martha and Lionel? Ew. Just…ew.
Clark and his right hand? Could be hot, but we’ve not enough details.

I did like the shot of the Justice League Lite striding in front of the fireball in slow and dramatic motion, of course. How could you not?

Lois to Oliver Queen: This relationship is all interuptus and no coitus.

I kept expecting Bart to call Green Arrow “Oliver Clothesoff.”

That would explain all the holes in the celing of the barn.


The first time the Flash/Impulse character was on, he gave a different name everytime he was asked. First, Barry Allen, then Wally West, finally Bart Allen. (Actually, I think he used Jay Garrick first, but I can’t remember for sure.) Since then, the Flash legacy has moved on in the comics from Wally West to Bart Allen, so him sticking with that name for now makes sense.

They pretty much had to end the Ollie Queen/Lois stuff. He was only supposed to be on for a few episodes. And she has a different hero to end up with. It would be ironic if he ended up with a GA series, since he was the actor that was supposed to be Aquaman in that spinoff. :stuck_out_tongue:

My disappointment was no Martian Manhunter. They have hinted at him, but no show so far. :frowning:

I thought it was odd how they made such a big deal about the apparent lack of sex. What, so Ollie getting there first would make her a Super-groupie for heroes? Would it taint the relationship with Clark later?

I liked the episode immensely. Only flaw-I wanted to see Aquaman’s fight with the guard, but I understood that they wanted to show what Cyborg could do since he got shafted in his appearance before. This should have been a 2-parter, really.

Oh, and yes Manhunter has only shown up once so far, but this week…he’ll pop up.

Can’t wait to see the League again…wonder if J’onn will join them?

In the episode that introduced Aquaman, he joked about the “Junior Lifeguards of America”. I’m a sucker, but I enjoy those little DC-universe in-jokes (like his wearing University of Miami colors). In this episode, they were stuck with the same old problem of integrating Aquaman into the mix – so the facility is, for no apparent reason, on the waterfront.

Actually - Clark was flipping through several fake IDs that Bart had.

Last I had heard in the comics, Bart was the new Kid Flash, but I hadn’t heard anything new since Infinite Crisis, so I’ll defer to your knowledge.

I would still guess that the Smallville producers went with Bart Allen/Impulse because the live-action rights to The Flash/Barry Allen are still held by someone else. I’m supposing this is why we’ll never see any Billionaires from Gotham and Amazonian Princesses on Smallville either.

I haven’t read a Justice League comic in decades (not since my son was reading them, early 80s)… what’s the “Watchtower” joke?

And I didn’t really understand what role Aquaman played in the whole thing, other than to show off his bod (wouldn’t be SMALLVILLE without some guy being bare-chested or some gal in a bikini top.)

Meanwhile, Aquaman orders up some tuna sandwiches…

“Again with the fish jokes.”

The name of the Justice League’s base at one point (I think the 90s until it was destroyed about a year ago) was the Watchtower.

I wanted a Martian Manhunter cameo too. In the words of Jack Ryder, “Its’ not a Justice League without a green guy from Mars.” Still can’t complain too much. That was hot.

Bart has taken over since the Flash title since Infinite Crisis. They started him off with a new number 1 in June. I miss Wally and Linda though.

That was sufficient for me. I didn’t get why cyborg had to make the comment about him putting his shirt back on. What, gonna turn gay?

It was a great episode though. I agree with whoever said it should have been two hours, but hopefully we’re going to be seeing more of this justice-something-or-other “group.”