Are there any smallville fans here? (Open Spoilers, Seasons 1- 4)

For the past three weeks I have been watching the first four seasons of smallville. Smallville has made me a superman fan. Before smallville I would have considered myself a Batman person. (Sorry comicbook guy I love the campy TV classic too.)
I especially love what they have done with Lex Luthor. Rather than being pure evil, they have made a conflicted character almost like a Darth Vader. Lex is brilliant. This also helps explain why Superman doesn’t just lock Lex Luthor up and throw away the key. After all, if Lex is part good then there is hope.
It took me a while to get used to Lana Lang. She seems so empty. I think its partly the way the actor portrays her. On second glance though she really does a fine job. I think shes the sort of person I would be really suspicous of because she keeps so much hidden.
Clark is a great generally rural american boy. I think he plays the role perfectly. They have taken the secret identity to another level though. Always suddenly dissappearing and showing up in a nick of time; in real life somebody would figure it out. I guess thats just one of his unmentioned abilities.
Bo (I’ll always know him as Bo.) was a great choice for Johnathan Kent. Talk about perfect for representing the rural American dad. Too bad it was a temporary job from the start.
I love Chloe. Yea I know she’s hot but they all are. I’m going to miss her. Do you think she’ll make it through season 6? I still want her to be supergirl in a spinoff series.
Lois has done a good job to. Interesting that they chose a bonde. I like it.

Of course while they are in highschool, its like they all dropped out and came back because they act like they are 20.  I feel much better about watching the sexy scenes knowing that they aren't really in highschool.  Lois looks like she's 27 so she must have some other story.

Ideas? What do Superman fans think of smallville?

Oh yeah. Could you guys do me a favor and box the season 5 spoilers? I’ve seen a few of them but I don’t watch TV regularly so I missed most of the last part of season 5.

I edited your thread title, **Christopher **, to include a warning for open spoilers for seasons 1 - 4 (since you’ve already included some of them).

Through the ups and downs, I also enjoy this show. For the most part, I agree with your assessment. Lana, I think has been developed to be incredibly insecure and always in need of a boyfriend. She is at times very loving but at the same time I’ve found her manipulative and selfish (though not overtly) in those same relationships.

Clark’s characterization is great. He is certainly not superman yet but I love watching him develop through mistakes and hard decisions. I just hope that since the series will likely end this season (or at most next), that he will take on more Superman qualities.

Jonathan and Martha do a great job as the parents. Again, they are not saints but they act from a point of beneficience and goodwill and have instilled good morals in Clark.

Lex and Lionel are by far my favorite characters. The struggle between good and evil in those two are lightning to watch.

For Lois, I’m not sure what her role on the show is suppose to be. If it weren’t for her name, I wouldn’t peg her as ‘The’ future love interest for Clark.

Of the female characters, Chloe is my favorite. Up and until Lois’s arrival, I felt for certain that she would be revealed as Lois Lane later in the series. She still would seem to fit Lois’s mold better than what Lois does even now. How they are going to resolve this I don’t know. It would be cool if she was Supergirl but since she isn’t affected by Kryptonite and is very mortal, it isn’t likely. But you never know.

I followed seasons 1 through 4 very closely too, and while it was the lovely Ms. Lang who first attracted me to the series, it’s Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) and John Glover’s (Lionel) intermittent appearances that kept me watching. I’m waiting for more time to free up so I can get started on season 5.

We like this show a lot in our house, too. And I’m not really a Superman fan, so I came into it not knowing very much. On the other hand, Mr. Del also enjoys it and he has a much stronger background.

I am a huge fan of Lex. It actually makes me a little depressed because I think ahead to the whole archvillian thing and it makes me sad. However, if I were Clark, I would have superstrength-kicked Lionel in the teeth a long time ago. His hair alone in the first few seasons brought out a murderous rage in me.

Often I am annoyed with Bo Duke (yes, we always call him that), but in a good way, if that makes sense. He’s a little whiny for my taste.

It took me a while to warm up to Lois, probably because I like Chloe so much. Now I like her for herself, but still don’t see her and Clark as a convincing couple in the future.

Oh no! you really think so? I was hoping that the series would take him all the way to superman and continue as a new superman series. Is the series not getting good ratings?

Yeah, she’s not quite the lois lane I imagine yet, but it would be silly if she already were. This is still about 10 years in advance of what I expect to be the traditional superman.

I totally agree. The transition is great. I’m still not sure who I should be rooting for.

I’ve maintained for years now that the show should be called “The Lex Luthor Show”. The Big Blue Boyscout just isn’t interesting- yes, yes, we all know that he’s eventually going to grow up to be Superman. Big deal- he’s going to be pretty boring THEN, too. Lex is fascinating- at many times during the series, there’ve been moments when his fate could’ve gone the other way… but he’s still on the track for world destruction. I’ve often thought that he’s basically a good person, but that he just can’t escape his destiny.

Oh, come on- that kiss that Chloe gave Clark just a few episodes ago, this season… that was hotter than hot. Seemed to take Clark by surprise, too.

Frankly, if Clark doesn’t want Chloe, I’ll take her. I’m not too proud.

Ah, crap. Never mind- I misread your post, Delphica.

You’re right, Chloe is still the hottest of the hot on the show. Lois was the one you were talking about, and you’re right. She’s not as annoying as she used to be, but she’s still no Chloe.

I keep hoping that Lois will die, somehow (right after Lana), and Chloe will take her name and become the “real” Lois Lane. Probably not, however… she’ll probably get killed off, or something.

One of the themes I like in the show is that if the Kent family weren’t so paranoid about Clark’s secret, the world might be a better place. Sure, they’ve got to keep it out of the papers, but much of Clark’s heartbreak over Lana and almost all of Lex’s decline toward becoming Clark’s enemy has been because Clark and his folks have been so secretive.

If Clark had told Lex how they both survived the Porche accident in the first season, Lex might have been a good guy for the rest of his days. Of course, he’d probably have asked Clark’s assistance in getting out from under Lionel’s much-more-evil thumb, but they could have done that without being more morally-questionable than some of the stuff Pete, Chloe and Clark did every week.

Yep, another fan here.

Everyone on this show is beautiful to look at (although, as a straight guy, I’ll admit to being partial to the women), and the dynamics are always interesting. John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum are great together.

I also like the Luthor house. Anybody know where the exterior shots are done?

Also, the Kryptonian symbolic set. That’s a piece of work that’s music to my brain. Is it online anywhere that anybody knows of?

One thing that I wonder about is that symbol that is almost the superman symbol but its a figure eight instead of an “S”. Is that the way it was done in the comic books?

The ‘8’ is Kryptonian for ‘S’

This is what I thought to at first. If Clark would just tell people, everything would turn out alright. But the more I think on it the less I think that they could in the end deny their own nature. Lex’s turn towards may initially turned away from evil but in the end would likely had tried to use Clark to further his own agenda. Lex would end up a much more knowledgable and dangerous enemy. Lana and Clark I think were doomed from the start. Lana needs someone who can completely commit to her (in an always putting her first type of way), which is something that would impede Clark’s transition towards Superman where he must put the needs of the world before any and all of his personal relationships.

Heh, I was completely confused for a while, there. Of course I wrote that ass-backwards, so the “she” seemed like I was talking about Chloe. But yes, we are on the same page.

Here is my fantasy for what happens to resolve the Chloe/Lois thing:

Chloe and Lois were switched as children – probably by Chloe’s wacky mother for some reason that I haven’t yet figured out, but it’s Smallville, so anything’s possible, which means Chloe has really been Lois Lane all along. That way, “Chloe who is really Lois” can go right ahead and hook up with Clark, and “Lois who is really Chloe” can go … well, sell Amway or something, I don’t really care.