Why don't people like Smallville?

For years I just flipped past Smallville with no interest what so ever. For some reason, about nine months ago, I caught an episode and loved it. I am probably way too old for this series, yet I loved it from the start. I have purchased evry season and absorbed it like religion. Yet every time I start a thread on it here it dies a quick death. All the other geeky shows I like are entirely self sustaining. What gives? Is there something I am missing?

I watched an episode or two when it first started but thought the actor who plays Superman was pretty bad. Has he gotten better? He had more wood than Pinocchio.

I didn’t expect it to last so I didn’t get invested in it. Unlike this year’s Kidnapped and last year’s Head Cases, which I loved. Oh well. :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure. I wanted ever so much to like the series myself, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, the main cast are quite possibly the most unattractive group of “attractive” actors I’ve seen since The OC and One Tree Hill. If that makes any sense. (Probably not.)

Though I do like the hyper-VeronicaMars-esque girl. I think I remember reading that they’re going to kill/write her character off in the future. Pity.

But I’ve only seen maybe ten – fifteen episodes of this program. So perhaps I should give it another look.

That’s hot.

I love Smallville! My problem as with most shows is I forget when it’s on.

They have all gotten better. Even Lana Lang has gotten better in the last season. The stories are usually predictable; however, there is something very satisfying about watching them all develop. I am learning aspects of Superman that I would have never cared about.
Lex Luthor is the real highlight however. From the beggining to now the show has been worth watching just for him. The conflict between good and evil rivals Darth Vader.

I like it, but it’s not must-see TV for me-- I’m just as happy to see it in reruns. It’s soap opera fluff. I especially love it when Clark goes bad because of kryptonite or whatever and the Clark/Lex love ('aka ‘Clex’), as do most female fans. I hope it goes on for a bit-- the makers claim Welling will be in tights before it ends.

That sounds like a good reason to keep watching. :smiley:

I watch it but I have to say it isn’t “must see” for me either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire season and I think I missed a couple seasons completely when they put it opposite something else I always watched - Lost maybe? I’ve been watching the new season so far and I must say, the Green Arrow guy, seriously yummy!

The accumulated weight of the history of Superman is a little off-putting to me.

You must be refering to Chloe. Yes she is great fun to watch. <me and my box of tissues> I’m pretty sure she will go on to become supergirl. </me and my box of tissues>

It wouldn’t end properly if he weren’t. I would be unhappy if it went on going beyond that point.

I had to ask a friend to clarify this one for me…

But Chloe, they’re currently working on how to write her INTO the comics, so writing her out of the show is highly unlikely. And I understand that they actually increased her role because she was so popular.

I used to watch it when it was the lead-in for Angel. It’s an okay show, but sort of lightweight. I don’t think it gets the sort of traction on the boards that other shows do because there’s not a lot to really discuss about it. It just doesn’t linger in the mind, or make me wonder, “What’s going to happen next week?” Heck, the last episode I saw was a season cliffhanger where they apparently killed off about 2/3 of the cast, and I don’t think I’ve even thought about it until this thread. Unlike, say, Battlestar: Galactica, where I’m constantly wondering how they’re going to resolve whatever plot line they’re currently embroiled in.

I did really like the guy who plays Lex, though. I hope he goes on to bigger things once the show ends.

I watched a couple of episodes, but didn’t really get into it.

The Clark character, or the actor, or both, didn’t appeal to me at all (I don’t know how much was ‘eh’ characterization and how much was ‘eh’ acting). And I’m not a big Superman fan, so the uncharismatic main character was enough to lose my interest. (I’ll watch incredibly crappy shows/movies on the strength of a good lead–or even a good supporting character, if they’re onscreen enough; unappealing characters are the quickest way to lose me.)

I like a lot of things about the show, and I haven’t stopped watching, but I have some frustrations with the show. One problem early in the show that isn’t as bad now was the whole kryptonite villain of the week plot that kept repeating over and over. But the show isn’t as focused on that as it used to be, and even when it was, it was kind of acknowledged as almost part of the premise of the series.

The bigger problem is being handicapped by the Superman mythos. For some reason the writers feel like certain things have to turn out exactly the same as in the comics. And at the same time to be clever they have the characters all being very different from their eventual outcomes. For example Clark and Lois have to become reporters and end up in love, so of course Lois starts out having nothing to do with reporting and not being able to stand Clark, and Clark starts out in love with Lana. So the writers feel the need to throw all these ridiculous reasons for Clark and Lana not working out, and to justify various other things they do to bring the characters towards their eventual positions in the mythos.

But first of all there is no set Superman mythos - the origins and history of Superman have been reset serveral times with different details and outcomes. And second of all, there are many things about the series that are already radically different from any of the Superman histories, that there’s no real point to forcing themselves in any particular direction.

Ironically, its the non-continuity that draws me. I missed two episodes of Battlestar Galactica and suddenly had no idea what was happening. I’m so far gone from that show that I couldn’t even try to watch it anymore eventhough I know I would love it.

I’ve read many folks who’ve said something similar - specifically that the “good” characters (specifically Clark and Jonathan Kent) come off as self-righteous, judgmental, and basically more “evil” than the supposed “evil” characters.

Based on my albeit limited exposure to Smallville fandom I would say the series exists for one reason only. Slash fanfic. shudder

I’m middle-aged and I have no tolerance for soapy teen angst.

And Metropolis isn’t supposed to be in Kansas.

Damn, Annette O’Toole is still hot, though.

I watch it, I love it - we’re on season 2 here - and things are just getting interesting. Just had Christopher Reeves’ cameo.

I love Lex, and Lionel. I don’t think Tom Welling’s a bad actor, either. This comes through more in the Red Kryptonite Clark episodes, but I like him as Clark.

I want to be the filling in a Martha-Chloe sandwich, but Lana does little for me.

I’m sure if I actually watched an episode, I would get into it and enjoy it, but… meh…

I am opposed to the Dawson’s Creek-isation of nerd-culture (I dread the live action Star Wars series Lucas wants to launch for the very same reason.

Besides that? To me, Superman is all about that classic, iconic image. The man in the blue-and-red suit, triumphant in his battle for all that’s good in the world. The idea that there is a true moral hero. The Superman of yester-year and the recent animated series.

I really have no interest in seeing an angsty teen Clark Kent struggle to learn his powers while watching his friend Lex Luthor’s slow descent into evil and trying to decide between Lois and Lana. If I want thaty kind of stuff I’ll check out Spiderman, because they’ve done those stories better than I think a Superman TV show ever could.

But that’s just my reasons for not getting into it

Chloe is not “hyper-VeronicaMarsesque.” Veronica Mar is hyper-Chloeeque. Chloe came first, after all.