Smallville 2/5: (Spoilers Ahead)

Best. Episode. EVER.

I’m still digesting it. I’ll post more later, but in the meantime…

I LOVED hearing the John Williams Superman flourishes throughout the episode.

Just saw it. Great episode, except for the teen angst. I wish they would have made it a purely meta-plot episode where they explore Clark’s past more.

I got a chill when Reeves appeared and when he read the first part of the message to Clark. Also when the score from the original movie played, it gave me goosebumps.

Wonder what was up with the message in the ship? It totally contradicted the message that Swann gave him. Why or how would someone put that in the ship if it wasn’t Jor-El or Lara? And if it was them then why?

Well, it’s ok logically for the message in the ship to contradict the message Swann had that was broadcast to the earth. I mean, if you sent your infant son to become the future ruler of an alien society, would you make a public announcement?

Or, the message in the ship could be interpreted in a more benign way than Clark was taking it. I don’t remember the actual words, but Kal-El’s parents may have just expected that he will become a “ruler” because of the powers he would have and so they told him to rule well. They weren’t necessarily encouraging him to “conquer” the earth.

Well, I could see your second point being reasonable but not your first. If someone had the ability to read the beamed message then they would also have the ability to read the message in the ship hence destroying any chance of surprise.

I’m thinking that Clark did interpret it wrong. Just because you know what the words mean doesn’t mean you know the meaning behnd them.


I don’t remember the actual words, but Kal-El’s parents may have just expected that he will become a “ruler” because of the powers he would have and so they told him to rule well. They weren’t necessarily encouraging him to “conquer” the earth.

I think that was pretty much Jor-El’s expectation in the comics, at least in the Byrne version.

Oh, another very subtle point in this episode: Clark has taken a BIG step closer to becoming Superman, but I’ve also noticed that Lex is starting to become a lot more…well, Lex, particularly now that they’ve opened the door for him to have access to the Kryptonian language. And has anyone else noticed that Clark and Lex are starting to be at odds with each other?

You’re right–my first point would only make sense if Kal-El is the only one who would be able to see it.

Another great part of this ep was the Superman-logo pentagon shape that appeared in the cave wall when the octagonal disk from the ship was put in its place in the drawing. Is this the first time we’ve seen that shape in Smallville? I can’t recall another instance.

It also appeared in the written language. I wonder what it exactly represents. Maybe the house of El?

yes and I hope it takes at least a few more seasons for their friendship to deteriorate. I like watching the tension build and I find it very interesting. I don’t want them to be flat out enemies all of a sudden.

During the whole beginning of the scene with Reeves, I kept going “Isn’t that the Williams’ score…wait…maybe… YES!!!”

Just finished watching it, and I’m probably going to go back and re-watch the tape (skipping the Chloe-Lana angst) as soon as the Chris Reeve interview is finished on the news :slight_smile:

My take on the messages:

It’s possible that the message in the ship were meant just for Clark. The broadcast may have been a Trojan Horse (not sure if there’s a better phrase) to protect him until his powers matured. Besides, based on the visitor mentioned in “Skinwalkers”, wasn’t that last visit fairly benign?

Loved the music. Recognized it right away. First time for that music.

Ditto for the Superman pentagon and symbol. I agree that it means the “house of El.” Remember in the movie how Jor-El had the same symbol on his chest. I also thought it was interesting how the little nexus wave hit him in the chest, not the head, and how it overloaded the “mere mortal.”

As for the message from Jor-El. I think any of the above explanations is perfectly plausible. I don’t think his biological father is evil, but I suppose it’s possible that they’ve rewritten that part of the backstory to show how Clark has all this power, but instead of conquering the planet, as he could, and as his parents wanted, he uses it wisely. I still don’t know how they’re going to pull of the Clark Kent/Superman secret identity thing, though. The glasses just ain’t gonna cut it these days. Besides, if he’s ever on TV back in Smallville, everyone’ll just say, “hey, I know him, that’s Clark!”

Y’all are right, though. The message of protection that Swann got was very different from the conquering message from Jor-El. Perhaps Swann lied or changed the message (since he can read the symbols), not liking the idea of a conquering alien.

Here’s one big point they still haven’t explained, though: How did that language get transferred to the Native Americans who then transferred it to the wall? Remember, that wall way predates Clark’s appearance. Someone from Krypton MUST have been there before, right? Perhaps we Terrans are actually descendants of Kryptonians, with all the powers slowly filtering out. It’d sure explain why Kryptonians look so much like humans…though that sorta throws evolution out of whack.

Lastly–thank GOD he has a name for the planet now. I’m getting sick and tired of the “meteor rocks” descriptions. It’s about damn time for “kryptonite.”

Here’s the thing though, if a planet has enough capability to receive and decode the “Trojan Horse” message then they would presumeably have the technology to track the ship, grab it and the infant, and study the hell out of both of them and in the process discover the second message. Why would a conquering race who wants the factor of surprise spoil it by doing that? I think most likely that Clark did not interpret it correctly.

I particularly like the way they’re moving the Lex vs. Clark dynamic along very slowly. I hate to see Lex go bad, but you can see with each episode how he becomes what he is destined to be.

Just after the credits there was a promo for Reeve’s paralysis foundation:

That was a great moment ruined by a noisy neighbor, what did Reeve said at the very end to Tom Welling that cracked everybody?

It really warmed my hearth to see him so upbeat and unwilling to give up.

First there was a round or two of “Thank you” “No, thank you!”

Then Reeve in a little faux-sad voice:
“Please? Please call!”

Thanks sciguy!

And I have to mention that I also loved the moment the music from the Superman movie was used to frame the big revelation to Clark.

GIGObuster, he just said “please call.” Though it was more the way he said it than anything else. There was sort of a hoarse, pseudo desperation in his voice. In all honesty, it wasn’t that funny but it was probably just an “outtake” they decided to make the real thing.

The message in the ship, as translated by Clark: On this third planet from this star, Sol, you’ll be God among men. They are a flawed race, rule them with strength my son. That is where your greatness lies.
Lex has reached the point of no return as far as distrusting Clark. What I don’t get is how, in the future, he never seems to associate Clark and Superman. I’m wondering how they intend to resolve the fact that the greatest criminal mastermind of all time will never be able to add up two and two.
First script writer to suggest “Lex gets amnesia” gets a beatdown.

First off, I enjoyed seeing Christopher Reeve. I haven’t seen much of him since his initial post-accident publicity. I’m sure anyone who never saw the Superman movies would have a tough time believing that he was in them as the title character.

I wish they hadn’t had the “Here’s the point where Lex turns evil!” hype on that one episode a few back. It spoiled the now visibly transforming relationship between Lex and Clark. Instead of suspecting a major change was slowly happening, it’s old news.

While I can’t see it taking more than a season and a half for things to get really nasty between them, I do hope they take their time in getting to that point.

Lana still can’t shut up about Clark’s inability to confide in her. I hope tonight’s conversation ends that, at least for a while. Poor guy couldn’t say a sentence with the word “relationship” in it without hearing something from her.

I also thought she and Chloe showed a surprising lack of initial concern when Clark had his head pains in front of them. I mean, jeez, the guy can be a flake at times, but usually when a friend suddenly gasps and puts his hands to his head and looks pained, I see if he’s okay first and make jokes later.

I liked how the writers didn’t forget about the whole Chloe’s letter to Clark/Clark saying Lana’s name thing. I didn’t expect Chloe would tell Lana about it, but I’m not disappointed she did.

I really don’t want the Lex/Clark relationship to go sour. I know it’s inevitable, but I keep thinking that redemption for Lex is possible. If Jonathon Kent was more welcoming and perhaps more fatherly to Lex, who wa obviously starved for some familial contact, things for Lex might be very different. I really don’t want to see him evolve into some evil bad guy. I’ll give the Smallville folks this - they have made Lex Luthor a three dimensional character, perhaps moreso than Clark.


There were some nice references to the comics in this episode, such as the pentagon in the cave, and the mention of Dr. Swann being called “The Man of Tomorrow”.

When I first read about “Smallville” I assumed it would be stupid and shallow. It’s been a pleasant surprise.

Baldwin, even Dr. Swann’s name is a clear reference to longtime Superman comics illustrator, Curt Swan.

Reeve looked like he was breathing through a tracheotomy. Is that his ventilator? I’d read that his diaphragm was working normally again and gaining strength, such that he was weaning himself from the ventilator. Was that an overly-optimistic claim?

Was it stated in the episode how Swann became a quadriplegic?