Smallville--Exile 10/1 recount of last 20 minutes needed *Spoilers*

Okay, so because the Cubs game (which those stupid guys stupid lost) ran long, Tivo only recorded the first forty minutes or so of Smallville. And it looks like it won’t be on again on Sunday. So here’s what I need: a recap of the last twenty minutes or so of the episode, starting with the moment that Lex kills that guy on the island and is found by the black dude with dreadlocks.

Please help me!!! What happened next?!?! I’m dying here!

This will in no way be a comprehensive spoiler, because I have a memory like a sieve. Consider this a snack to tide you over.

[spoiler]The man Lex “killed” turns out to be a pile of dirt, and Lex is holding a stick, not a machete. There is no blood on him. In short, it was all a dream. And Lex may be going crazy. At least, he suspects he is.

Chloe spills to a desperate Lana where Clark is, which leads to Lana confronting Clark, which leads to Clark on the phone with Jonathan. Spurred by the convo, Jonathan takes the octogonal key and uses it, which leads him to have a disturbing conversation with Jor-El , where Jor-El is more concerned with Kal-El’s “destiny” than anything puny Jonathan has to say.

Clark takes the job from Mr. Edge and breaks into LutherCorp’s HQ, where he is rudely interrupted by Jonathan, who, showing superspeed and strength, grabs Clark and jumps through the plate-glass window. They plummet towards the ground.

To Be Continued. [/spoiler]

Thank you thank you thank you, lola.

By the way, that was my SO posting under my name. I would never use so many exclamation points. Pah!

Does anyone else think Chloe’s new hair cut ain’t getting the juices flowing?

My juices aren’t flowing. Although, I also miss the shape-shifting wolf chick from last season.

Um, oh yeah, does Clark make a habit of doing evil deeds without wearing a mask?

Let’s not forget this:

[spoiler] Lana spotted Clark at Lex’s funeral.

Helen appears as a last minute tribute at Lex’s funeral. She then goes back to the mansion and orders Lionel to leave “her” house. She then reminds Lionel that he had hired her to spy on Lex.

Also the Kent’s are losing the farm which has been in the family for 4 generations. They are going to live in the tiny apartment above the Talon. [/spoiler]

I do not like the new hairstyle.

Well, now that I know the end, anyone want to spoil the first 40 minutes for me? :slight_smile:
Hey, I was busy and can’t afford TIVO (or record it because of my really old not-so-VCR-friendly tv)

[spoiler]They fast forwarded the time to 3 months later. Everyone had given up looking for Clark.

Clark was robbing banks and clubbing the entire time in Metropolis. Buying fancy cars and living a great life. Cloe knew where he was the entire time but didn’t tell anyone cause Clark asked her not to.

Lex is on an island. At first he was with a guy named Lewis (who killed his father) but then at the end of the movie we find Lex was alone and perhaps just suffering from Malaria.

Lana is still pining over the loss of Clark. She tells Cloe that she thinks Clark wants to be found by the right woman.[/spoiler]

Okay, I stopped watching when Clark left home. Can anyone give me the low-down on why

Jonathan would be exhibiting superpowers?

even conjecture would be nice.

I -so- wanted to like this series, and I like ‘keeping up’ with it, but the weekly stories just tend to make me more mad about the directions they’re taking.

Arr, Jonathan took the Krypton octagonal key to the caves, and put it in the keyhole (well, the key actually put itself in the keyhole). Queue flashing lights and swirling Krypton language. Jonathan is thrust into a big giant pulse of light, where Jor-El starts talking to him.

Big argument ensues over who is the rightful father, and that if Jonathan wants Clark back, he’ll have to get him himself. Jor-El then asks if Jonathan will give up anything to get him back, and he says, “For my son, anything”. Next thing we know, he’s Goldberg-spearing Clark out the penthouse window of the Luthor Corp Building.

BTW, Jor El’s voice was by Terence Stamp, who played the evil General Zod in the second Superman movie (1980).

Woot, thanks Munch!

Minor question: Wasn’t the keyhole gone earlier, when Chloe and Lionel were down there?

Gosh, I wonder what Jonathan has to give up? The only things that spring to mind: his humanity, his life, and scarily, his wife.

I have a question: I saw the episode, but they didn’t explain why the Kents were losing the farm. Was Clark really helping out that much?

Why did “Mr. Edge” reveal himself to Clark? For all he knew, Clark might have turned him into the police.

For all of that, this episode had some promise, I thought. I still don’t buy evil Clark, but that’s just me being nitpicky. And I agree on the new Chloe-do.

Yeah, the keyhole was covered up. But that doesn’t hold back the power of the magical Krypton key. It just blew through the spackle job.

Good question. I’m guessing that he turns into a vampire. Or a mummy. Or a Duke boy. Or worse still, Bibleman (yeah, yeah, wrong curly blonde guy).

It was gone, but the key sunk into the wall anyway, carving a new hole.

Y’all forgot to mention that Clark is havng some kind of adverse reaction to the red K. Besides making him a fun guy and utter bastard, it also periodically causes him extreme pain (we know it’s the K since it stops when he removes the ring), burning the sign of the house of El into his chest (looks like the “S” pentagon with an “8” instead of an “S”).

My guess, Jor-El’s not as bad a guy as we are led to believe. He wants Clark to become the world’s protector, but he (or the program speaking for him from beyond the grave) can’t figure out how to say that without freaking out earthboy Clark. Now he’s trying to get him off the Red K, and sent Jonathan to help.

They should have named Lex’s hallucinatory island-mate Oliver, and given him a bow, just to freak out the fanboys.

This series just keeps getting better and better. I was surprised to see that Lionel apparently didn’t cause the crash, and blames Dr. Mrs. Lex. We know she’s lying. But is she guilty? She didn’t seem to be evilly resourceful enough to set something like this up.

“They should have named Lex’s hallucinatory island-mate Oliver, and given him a bow, just to freak out the fanboys.”

Explain please? I don’t know much about Superman mythos, and love the Luthor elements I pick up from Fenris et al. in the comic threads.

I figured it was because of the big explosion that ruined their land, plus Clark being gone.

Oliver is another superhero named the Green Arrow.

Isn’t Green Arrow a Marvel character, though?

Nope. Green Arrow is a DC character.

Nope. That’s Hawkeye. Still not sure what Ollie has to do with Lex though.