Smartphones - can you PLEASE stop getting bigger!?

*I apologize if this belongs in another forum. I thought maybe it fit best here, but I’m fairly new here and if I put it in the wrong place, I apologize. *

Obviously the plus size (such as the Galaxy S10 Plus) exist for a reason, and I see nothing wrong with that. I’m not talking about those so much as the base versions. Your Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 4 XL, etc.

I have a Galaxy S8 and it’s getting about time for me to upgrade. But very consistently, over the last several years, I’ve had to adjust to wider and wider phone sizes. Don’t get me wrong - the larger screens are lovely. Too bad I’m getting closer and closer to having to text two-handed. My thumb barely reaches to the left side of the phone as it is. I have to use SWIPE if typing one-handed, so I can keep pressure on the phone the entire time. I often just text two-handed to avoid the annoyance.

In addition to having smaller hands, women’s clothes also tend to not have pockets at all, or have much smaller pockets than men’s clothing. So my phone already sticks out a couple inches from where my back pocket ends. Yes, I know women often carry purses, but I personally dislike them unless I absolutely need it. I prefer my phone being quicker to access.

Anyway, I’ve been glancing through replacement possibilities. The only ones that are slightly smaller than my current phone are Google Pixels. I’ll take a look at them in the store, but every single other option is larger than my current (two generations old) phone, save for the Galaxy S10e, which is the same size.

Another annoyance is that the larger versions are always rated better than the smaller ones. Is this because they can fit more features or processing power into a larger space? Does this mean phones will just continue to get larger and larger? Why even bother having tablets at all if XL phones have 8 in screens??

Sorry for the rant and the obvious first world problem. Actually, not really - that’s what this message board is for, right?

I still have an Samsung S4 Mini. I honestly don’t know how people can carry those monstrosities around. If it doesn’t fit comfortably in my front jeans pocket, forget it. I don’t stream video and have only a couple of apps that require much of a screen.

My favorite phone was the Samsung Juke. Even when it was swung open it was small.

Reminds me a bit of my old LG chocolate (mint, of course). God, I loved that little slide phone. And I was in college when I got that (I’m 31 now) - it’s amazing how fast phones change in a fairly short period of time.

I am a guy, but I found I had maxed out what I could carry in my pockets. I purchased this pouch, and carry it every day.

It allows me to have totally empty pockets! I carry my phone, wallet, cash, hearing aid batteries, a knife, fingernail clippers, a vape pen, etc.

So far, I’ve only gotten one wise-ass remark. A guy I know walked into the bar and said, “Hey! Where did ya get the purse?” Nobody laughed, until I replied, “from your mom!”, which really pissed him off. Truth be told, I’ve never even met his mom.

Remember when flip phones and candybar phones were the shit and everyone was trying to make them as teeny as possible?

I was just bitching about this in the iPhone 11 thread. I think my iPhone 6S is on the big side and everything since is even bigger.

Of course, when I look at my mom’s 6 or XE or whatever she has that’s smaller than mine, yes, I do appreciate the size of mine then.

But I just don’t see me being able to comfortably carry around something bigger than what I’ve already got. Very frustrating!

I hate the tiny phones and I’m so glad that phones are getting to a reasonable size again. I’ve got an S4 active and I wish it was a inch wider. I carry my phone in my breast pocket on my shirt and there is plenty of room. Especially now that I’ve moved 60% of my business over to the phone the larger screen makes doing emails and reading PDFs so much easier. I really want a phone that has the computing power to do autoCAD and then I’ll drop my computer entirely.

Sony Xperia has a small model. I bought one for my mom.

It’s the XZ2 Compact. Mom likes the small screen.

Corner Gas - Season 1, Episode 9

Davis and Brent argue over whose is smallest.

I agree with the OP - stop it already. Leave me a phone that fits in my front pants pocket!

I still have my iPhone SE with its 4-inch screen exactly because I don’t want anything much bigger. I’m holding out until the spring to upgrade; supposedly, there’s supposed to be some sort of iPhone SE2 or something coming out. Rumors say 4.7-inch, so, oh, well, but I did briefly have an iPhone 6 before I accidentally smashed the crap out of it, and that was a 4.7" screen and manageable to keep in my pocket.

I mean, it’s nowhere near the size of most purses, so he was really reaching with that one. I love that you had a snappy comeback at the ready!

I don’t mind so much carrying one around (except for when I’m on a walk), as I do having to rummage through it to get a phone out. I love just having my phone in my back pocket, but the size is just getting to be too much. More an issue with height than width. At least they’re not getting thicker…

Looks like the S4 Active is, what, a 5in screen (diagonal)? The Note Phones are currently nearing 7", while non-plus phones are almost all over 6" or very close to it. I don’t mind having larger options, but if you’re going to offer both, by not keep the base version smaller? Hell, I’d trade some of this access height for a *tiny *bit more thickness!

I’m in a wheelchair and wear this bag over my shoulder.

Plenty of room for my phone, debit card, earbuds, extra power supply, all without reaching down and digging into my pockets. Plenty of zippered pockets, and my smartphone slides right into the front pouch.

Reminds me of this from a thousand decades ago.

And why is it that the larger the phone, the more apt the user is to use it on speaker in public places?

I used to have a Note and I loved it. I switched to the active since I went through 3 phones in 12 months and I needed something to stop the bleeding in my wallet but I generally hate it. The Pixel XL will probably be my next phone.

I’ve got no problems with them making slim or tiny foods but overall the focus should be on capability and pushing what the general phones boundaries. The more research focus is done into a small form factor the less happy I am over all unless they allow for more power in the real phones. These foldable phones are a great example of a dumb idea just to try and make q big phone tiny. I’d vastly prefer if that research energy went into processing power or battery life.

Put that thing on speaker while in public and I’m liable to start chatting with the person on the other end of the line.

They could easily put high-end components (fastest processors, best cameras, lots of memory, etc) into smaller phones. But they’d end up with small phones that are almost as expensive as larger phones. Not many people would buy a $800 4.5-inch phone if a 6.3-inch version with the exact same performance cost $900. So instead they put cheaper components in the smaller version, so they can sell it for $500.

Also, larger phones usually get higher capacity batteries, because people are usually OK with a large phone being heavy, but they want the smaller phones to be lightweight. So small phones tend to have poor battery life.

Could they get this same performance from a thicker phone? I could put a thicker phone in my pocket, but not so much a wider/taller one.

I wish they had options with less crazy cameras. I’d be way willing to sacrifice camera updates for size.

When we were looking for a phone for my daughter, one of her absolute requirements was “must be small enough to fit in my jeans pocket”. It was HARD. I honestly don’t remember what we ended up going with, but it might have been a xiaomi 9, which was front-runner for quite a while