SMDB Bookclub: Feb Selection, March Nominiations

I’ve chosen Lovely Bones for our next selection, which means Light Strand will be in charge of the rest of this thread, pick the book, and open next months threads. If she/he doesn’t wish to preform these duties, let us know and we’ll figure out someone else.

(I was really tempted by American Gods, but it was too SF/Fantasy after Handmaids Tale, so instead of two SF/Fy books, you guys end up with two chick books. I also have this weird thing with Gaiman in that he is one of those people on my social periphery, and I hate to read stuff written by people I kind of know, its really creepy.)[/sub]

I don’t think Lovely Bones is out yet in paperback, but there are lots of copies floating around, so check the library and/or ask around if you don’t want to purchase it.

Previous thread is here for previous nominations, please feel free to bring over anything you are still interested in reading. And the floor is now open for March nominations.

I just put it on hold at the library. They have tons of them it seems and all are out, so I maye have to wait till my first payday to get it.

Definately look forward to reading though!

I just read this, so I am excited to discuss it.
It’s not too much a “Chick” book, IMO.

I’ll be going to the library this afternoon in search of it.

Thanks to Dangerosa for getting us started - great idea. I would like to find an IRL book club also, but this is a good idea. Thanks. I love to find a new, good book & expand my horizons.

I don’t think it’s a chick book at all… but then again, I’m a chick, so take that with a bunch of salt :smiley:
I read that a couple of months ago… great book! I can’t wait :slight_smile:

So, you ignore the prevailing votes from that thread and pick another title. Nice.

Lovely Bones got five nominations, just as American Gods. Neither one was “prevailing.” Geez.

Mockingbird, would you like to nominate American Gods again for next month? So far, with no nominations in this thread - it would be the forrunner, and maybe Light Strand will select it.

Oh hey, I just found this thread.

So we’re reading The Lovely Bones for Feb. cool.

I guess we’ll just start off with March Nominations, begining with the five votes for American Gods.

Any other nominations?

I have a question about the process.
If there’s a book that I’m interested in reading, I “renominate” it? And the number of “nominations” counts (I was expecting an actual vote or something.)

It’s in hardback only? Well, I hope I can find it at the local used bookstore.

So, the book is determined by how many people nominate and second? If so, I vote we read:

Excession, Iain M. Banks. Rollicking, intellectually demanding Space Opera in the grandest tradition, this is a hell of a novel.

Oops… hit ‘submit’ too soon. Anybody want to second “Excession”?

…and I just bought American Gods, expecting it to be the February book. D’oh!

Between this and the 50 book challenge, something’s gotta give…

I didn’t read The Handmaid’s Tale in January, although I have read the book before. I couldn’t find the copy I thought I had and my re-read of LOTR took too long :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have a few books slated to read, but I’ll see if I can move things around and find a copy of The Lovely Bones at the library.

And to atone for my past omission, I’ll pick up a copy of Atwood’s book as well :wink:

I’ll add my vote for American Gods :slight_smile:

We really don’t have the capacity on this board to vote. Too many people coming and going, and no polling feature.

How I picked: I reviewed the thread, discovered what people were interested in (there were a couple that several people showed interest in), and picked something that had some consensus about it - but I didn’t do a formal count. I hope Light Strand (who will get to pick the next book) will use some similar methodolgy. If she/he wants to count votes, that is her/his perogitive. The only rule is that the book can’t be one that you yourself have nominated (and it would be nice if it weren’t something out of the blue with one nomination and no other interest).

I’d suggest, because there will be a dozen of these threads by the end of the year, that we don’t bother with running talleys, and do renominate books you are still interested in. Would be a shame to pick a book in June because a bunch of people were interested in it in January, only to have none of those people interested by June.

I haven’t used this method before (I’ve done online bookclubs, but the method of selecting books was by fiat of the board admin - and my IRL bookclub is far different, since there are a dozen good friends that talk real time), so we may tweak. Nothing is set in stone.

From Amazon’s review of “Excession” from the link:

Are we all going to be able to find that one?
I thought we had informally agreed upon books that were widely available.

Sorry Dangerosa, your’re right.

So we have one vote for American Gods and one vote for Excession unless it turns out not to be widely available.

Last time I went to Barns and Noble The Lovely Bones was 40% off. Which puts it at about $13.00. I didn’t realize when I nominated it, that we were only nominating books available in soft cover. Sorry.

You know, I don’t get that at all. Perhaps you ought to go to (don’t follow my link - it might refer to cookies non-existant on your computer) and do a search. Here’s what I see by clicking the link:

Ahh… but who has nominated American Gods then? By saying I vote for it in this thread I could be deemed the nominator, but Mockingbird nominated it first in the previous thread. What if a book is nominated in January by one person, renominated in March by a second, but then renominated and read in September by a third person? Who is the nominator?

As much as I would like to be the one to pick a future book, I would think that Mockingbird’s prior nomination and reference to American Gods in this thread should constitute a renomination, and that my vote is seconding the nomination.

If Mockingbird is willing to take that duty, it would be his (or hers) - I think. If he or she is no longer interested, whomever brought it up in the current thread.

I got it when I scrolled down and read some of the reviews. It sounds like this books is part of a series. Will we be able to keep up if we haven’t read the first book?
I’m not trying to be difficult, just asking.