Smiley article

I realize this isn’t a professional comedic outfit, but every other line in that article was like sitting through a Carrot Top routine. :rolleyes:


I know it is on the front page, but it is customary to provide a link to the article you are talking about.

Haven’t read much of Cecil’s older stuff, have you? :stuck_out_tongue:
In the days of yore, Cecil wrote with a very sharp tongue, and used a version of wit that had to be given some latitude to be appreciated. Somewhere in the late-'90s, Cecil’s tone changed, and now he tends to write in a more informative fashion, sans most of the snarky humor.

That’s why I prefer the classic columns, acutally. :smiley:

And welcome to the SDMB, look around if you get a chance, hope you stay. :slight_smile:

The smiley face is due for a comeback in the next year, what with Watchmen finally making it before the cameras.