Smiley Fest 2001

Ok gang!

It’s time for a Smiley Fest!

To post in this thread (!) you must pay a toll of one smiley. You pick the smiley, but no frowny-frowns here!

Since there have been a few nasty threads lately (okay, maybe there always are), I thought it’d be cool and nifty to have a super-de-duper happy thread!

Here’s all ya gotta do!

  1. Say something nice about a fellow poster. Anything. Keep the comments brief! Profanity is a no-no, but thinly veiled innuendoes and double entendres are supremely welcomed!

  2. Let’s see at least one smiley per post! You can even throw in extra smileys for Chief Scott, because he loves them so much!

Have at it!


Dantheman, You know, I can’t even smell the stench of this idea from this distance! :rolleyes:

Oops, I guess I’m kicked out.


Super-de-duper happy thread?

Can I have a toke, too?

Get your place now on my permanent shit list!

Hey Chief!


This is 'cause you never offered any of those cheerleaders to the rest of us, ya greedmonger! hehe

And I get to kick over the carcass when the Chief’s done with ya. Then we hand the remains off to Ed Zotti. Now, who still wants to post smilies?

mmmm…that UncleBeer is a sexy hunk… :wink:

I love smileys!! ;):):stuck_out_tongue:

Awright, Sunshine and hypergirl!

That’s the spirit!

You both rock muchly. I think you’re both wonderful, sweet, perfect people.



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s see…Something nice about a fellow poster…


I know!

Hey, Mauvaise, slip me your :stuck_out_tongue:

:: :slight_smile: 's at Dire Wolf from across the thread and walks over to sit in his lap. Leaning in close, she parts her lips and :stuck_out_tongue: ::



Ya know, it’s sad when the person who starts the thread doesn’t even follow his own rules… So…

Here’s a smiley for dantheman. :smiley:

Something nice about another poster. Lessee.

Saint Zero is the sexiest, most wonderful, caring, considerate and compassionate man I have ever met in my life. :smiley:

Wait. That’s 5 compliments. I need four more smilies.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks, Juliana! (Is that like Pollyanna? Do I give you a gift now?)

With that smiley, I think I made a mess in my pants. Medic! Medic! :smiley:

(I think Juliana is :cool: ) << yes, I meant to do that…

Hello, God(or UncleBeer),

I offer unto you my first born, my vow of poverty, and an expensive import beer if you will grant me the locking of this thread.

It’s me, Margaret.


gay pride!