I’ve slowed down my posting… I’ve tried to shy away from attention grabbing behaviour… I post with fairly good grammar and spellng… And yet I’m being compared to people like trader_of_shots and fauxpas. Also coming under fire from other posters who arn’t not referencing them…


You just created a thread entitled “SmileyDeath” in which people are to ostensibly discuss you and their feelings towards you.

But it’s good to see you slow down that attention grabbing behaviour.

Tell me, how else would I find out?

Just a WAG but maybe because of posts like this one here

Moderator’s note:

Smiley, this isn’t a poll. Frankly, as topics of less-than-cosmic proportion, you’ve overdone this one. Badly.

If you’re genuinely that concerned about the atmosphere and protocols of the place, read a lot more. Lurk. Reflect. Listen to what other people are saying rather than just how they relate to you.

This isn’t chat. Everything you need to know is right out there, if you’ll heed it. It’s up to you to meet the tone.


for the SDMB

You could always ask the specific people who compare you to others, in the specific threads in which they compare you to others.

I know this is not a chat I just want a striaght answer.

Yeah, that makes sense.