Smith and Ford Cause of Death.

What are the causes of death for former-Pres. Gerald Ford and blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith? AFAIK no cause was ever given for either. And clearly someone should know something by now.

Thank you in advance to all who reply :slight_smile:

His wikipedia page says it was kept private, so I’m sure someone knows, not that that’s a help to you :slight_smile:

On Anna Nicole Smith, as of a few days ago, CNN was reporting that the medical examiner was awaiting more evidence before issuing a finding.

Wasn’t Ford about a hundred and eighty-three years old? That’ll usually do it.

Ninety-something, IIRC. Wasn’t it pneumonia? He had a couple of heart surgeries as well.

And it is going to be difficult to convince me that ANS died of something other than drugs.


Papers used to attribute deaths like his to “natural causes.” Lately, there’s been a tendancy to look for more specific causes, as if that really matters. I don’t approve of it.