So, I found my pleater this week and have started making an Easter dress for my daughter. Her favorite color is colbalt blue, and I had sparkle organza and broadcloth on hand in a color close to that, so I am using that. It is not pastel, but I think I can do some of the smocking in white and make pale blue roses to soften the look a bit. Any suggestions for making a deep blue dress more Eastery?

Anyone else doing some smocking?

No, but it’s fun to say. Smock, smock, smock, smock, smock!

Damn you, Hobbes, I was coming to say that!

Smock, smock, smock…

Don’t knock my smock or I’ll clean your clock!

A few touches of pink would probably look great too. Just a little bit.

I’ve been learning to smock for the past year or so, and just did my first proper baby project. Well, toddler, since I made 18 mo. size. It was a white bishop dress with periwinkle smocking, which I made for my friend’s new baby (not so new, either, about 6 mos. now). Another friend saw the photos and asked for one like it with a different color of embroidery, so I got a real commission! She wanted it for her new niece. I finished that Saturday.

I haven’t got anything specific planned for the near future as far as smocking goes, but I’d like to try my hand at a baby daygown soon–I’ve never done any sewing for babies, so that will be a new area to learn. There are plenty of babies around here to experiment on. Oh! And I have instructions for a gorgeous pleated journal cover, very sophisticated. I want to try that too.

So far she vetoes any touches of pink on the blue dress. I have some pink floss in case she changes her mind. I am thinking of making a smocked apron too.

In that case I guess I’d go with a light blue, a nice green, and white.

Smocked aprons are fun. I covet the Betsy’s Garden apron pattern, but my youngest is almost 7 and a little old for it. I did make her a pinafore/dress though.

Now I’m getting contaminated by second-hand smock.

Smocks **Monstre **with a wet trout.

It’s things like this that make me so very glad the internet exists:

Well, she has decided to go with a hand me down for Easter, so I will make this dress a little bigger so she can wear it in the fall and winter. I am still working on the test dress from the same material in spring green. I was surprised how well the broadcloth and organza pleated together in the pleater.

What about lavender?

i think lavender would look great. I don’t think she is going to allow it.

If it’s for winter, I vote for silver with the cobalt!

With spring green…no pink or lavender…oh dear that’s getting tricky. Pale yellow and blue?

Steve Allen? Is that you?