snake trouble! traps?

i’ve got a big black snake that i just found out has taken up residence in my attic. how can i catch/kill it without having to special order anything? maybe point me in the direction of a good simple trap desing or a means to bait something?

We had snakes crawl in the house a few times… you’ll have to define “big”, but we were able to take a coat hanger, hook the snake easy as pie and put it in a trash can for release.

In any case, if I were you, I’d be more worried about why such a big snake can survive in your attic. It’s not surviving on dust.

big as in about 3-4 ft long. i know it probly ate some mouse or something… it had a bulge this time so its eaten recently.

Do you have an airplane?

You don’t say where you are. If your in No. America it’s probably not poisonous. You could line a container w/ a plastic trash bag. Then make yourself a snake hook, just a pole w/ a sturdy hook on the end, you’ve probably seen them on TV or somewhere, or use a similar garden tool, like a hoe. Use the hook to pick up the snake near it’s center and deposit it in the container, close the trash bag and then release the snake in a local field or woods. If it is still digesting it’s last meal it will probably be more docile.

I don’t know where you are ** hentai** – but it is illegal to kill some protected species of snakes in the US unless you are in an immediate life-threatening situation involving human life or domestic animals.

If you google “illegal to kill snakes in the us” you will get many hits as cites. I’d suggest your state in place of US or your state DNR might have some lists

Black rat , Blue racer snakes are usually protected snakes in the Midwest who would look black.
Indigo snakes are protected through much of the south and would fit your description ditto black racers

Just some examples – great, cheap and very doable trap and release ideas here – that is the way to go.