Snakeskin cowboy boots

I ordered a pair of custom made Eastern Diamdback rattlesnake skin cowboy boots a while back.

They are fininished and being shipped. UPS tracking says they will be arriving Monday.

Rattlesnake cowboy boots!

I rule!

What do Rattlesnake cowboys rustle?

Hot babes, cold beer.

Sweeeet! My kinda boots.

I want a pair now!

Cool!!! Lawyer…I mean, Snakeskin boots!! Love those.

I love my Pythons!
I even named them.

Say hello to Monty, my Tony Lamas.

My cousin had a pair of ostrich-skin boots. They looked like they had enormous blackheads.

I’ve got a pair, I don’t wear them that much but I do like them. Maybe I will wear them to work tomorrow, they are a lot of fun to wear.

Nice, Scylla! Nice!

Mine are black and snakeskin all the way up.

I’ve definitely got to be in the right mood to wear them.

Snakeskin look good, but you do have to take care of them or they flake. Shark is the toughest, since elephant is now illegal.

Yeah, snakes are cool. I like eel skin too, but it’s too soft. I need a new pair, but haven’t decided what to get yet.

Have eagles ever attacked your feet?