Snap your fingers

I want to test a hypothesis about dominate handedness and the ability/inability to snap one’s fingers, so let’s have a poll about it. Don’t ask what right or left handed means, just answer however you usually answer that question.

Leaving out options for ambidextrousness isn’t an oversight, folks, those answers might be vaguely interesting, but won’t tell us anything much about people whose right hand is dominate vs those whose left.

I’ll post my hypothesis in my next post.

Oops. A mod should mercy kill this thread, if possible. Can’t snap at all got left out.

But…but I just learned something new about myself at the age of 52! Although I’m so right-handed I can barely do anything except gesture (and, okay, type) with the left, I snap pretty well - equally well - with both hands.

Okay. If you want to remake it, feel free.