Snarf and Jar-Jar Seperated at birth?

The things that pop into your head when you are waiting to go to sleep.

For those of you who lived a normal youth and don’t know what a Snarf is he was the centeral figure in a comic strip in the roleplaying magazene Dungeon. These strips were later compiled into a graphic novel called SnarfQuest.

Here is a picture of Snarf

Take a long look.

But physical appearance isn’t the only similarity. As anyone who read the strip knows, Snarf had a signature way of expressing himself that was remarkably similar to good old Jar-Jar.

So what do you think. Was Snarf a inspiration for Jar-Jar?


“Snarfquest” appeared in Dragon magazine, not its spinoff, Dungeon Adventures. Also, not all of the strips were collected in the Snarfquest GN. Just the first adventure. The second one was never finished, as Dragon went loopy and stopped running them. Legend has it that Larry Elmore is doing it again in Games Unplugged magazine, but my local RPG store sucks, so I haven’t had the opportunity to see whether he’s continued that storyline or started a new one.

Oh, Snarf vs. Jar-Jar? Nah. Sure, they resemble each other, but I doubt Lucas ever saw the strip.

From the titleof this thread, I had assumed you found a way to tie SW:Ep1 in with the Thundercats. I guess I watched too much TV as a kid.

“Thundercats HO!”

:: Eyes, chest emblem flash. Goes through process of dramatic weapon showcasing and then dashes off into the distance. ::

Whoa! Brain fart!

My brain just doesn’t know what my fingers are doing. Of course it was Dragon.