*sniff* All my co-workers went to lunch without me!

To celebrate a co-worker’s good fortune, everyone went to a fancy-fun restaurant during the lunch hour. Reserved a big table and everything.

lip quivering … But no one remembered to tell me! :frowning:

Usually, they send an e-mail to everyone, but this time they didn’t. A few people just trotted around the office to let everyone know.

Everyone thought everyone else had talked to little, ol’ me, but no one had.


Then the office got really quiet – eerily quiet. As if everyone was gone! So I went to investigate. Then the receptionist said everyone had gone out to celebrate. :confused:

She didn’t even know where they went – and the new employee (also overlooked) and I found out about 3/4 of the way through the lunch hour.

So I had a lukewarm slice of pizza all alone at my desk.


Maybe the fancy restaurant doesn’t have crayons on the menu?

If that isn’t the case, I’d slip into their offices whilst they are out, and fart in their desk draws.


I am ALWAYS getting left out of lunch plans. My desk is a bit removed, so I’m constantly being forgotten when someone goes around collecting for the daily food run. I hate it! You try not to take it personally, but sometimes I feel like the lunch-time leper. It really sucks that you missed an actual celebration, and not just random face-stuffing. Please tell me you at least spent the hour slacking off and rifling through their desk drawers in a spirited attempt at self-comfort…

Bippy, I like your style! :smiley:

Well, no wonder. You eat crayons. We can’t go to Perkins again…

maudlin singing

Nooooooobody loves me, eeeeverybody hates me, I’m goooooing to the forest to eat worms…

aw, Eats_Crayons, I’d make sure you were with my lunch party.
I used to have the same situation belladonna has, and it would piss me off to be left out of plans all the time just because they wouldn’t walk over to my cube and let me know they were makin, or more often, changing plans. Hell, they’d even change lunch plans I originally made and not tell me until we were on the way out! So I feel for you both.

Heck, that’s nothing.

I was at my grandmother’s house once, when I was about 12 years old. Dinner time rolled around, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins were invited to come eat.

Everyone except me. I didn’t find out until dinnertime was almost over. Not even my parents and siblings remembered me.

< wallowing in self-pity - PAUSE >

See? That’s why it’s good to be an only child. If it’s quiet and no one is playing with their mashed potatoes, the conspicuous absence is noticed (and/or appreciated).

< wallowing in self-pity - RESUME >

Noooobody likes me, eeeverybody hates me, I’m goooooing to the office to eat crayons…

JThunder That’s sad.

Eats_Crayons Sorry for the hijack, but I have it worse. Our boss gave everyone the afternoon off last friday because we finnished a project and it was Valentine’s day. He forgot to tell me, because I was in a meeting on another floor at the time. When I got back I spoke many of the cow-orkers during the day. No one said anything. At lunch time, they all started leaving, I asked some if they had any plans, and they just said: No, nothing for now, See you later! and they left. I stayed, thinking they just went to lunch, but after a few hours I started wondering why no one was back. I kept on working until 6:00 and left. Next morning my boss told me he was very sorry, but he forgot to tell me we had the afternoon off. I asked those who I remember speaking to before they left and they all just stared blankly and said, soorry, we kind of forgot too…

Ba**rds, all of them.

To even things out in the cosmic scheme of things I went out to lunch without any of my co-workers. This should bring the universe back to it’s normal equilibrium and you should be getting lunch invites soon.

I’m just here to help, no thanks are neccessary.

Hope your boss let you go home early that day to make up for it. If not, hide some dog poo in his office so it’ll smell bad but take him awhile to find it.

This was last Friday, so I guess it’s dog poo for him. Or stinky cheese? …

Nope, dog poo is better.

At my last job they always went to lunch without me. Mind you, I’m a big ol’ computer geek and I know it, but this was a development house and they ALL were computer geeks. In all my other jobs I have never been left out like that. Of course, this was one of the reasons I only stayed there for 7 weeks. Now at THIS job, I am never left out.

Rub it in, why dontcha.

I guess I should start bringing my personal belongings home.

I’m not even going to bring up the time my own mother forgot me on Christmas…


Awwwwwwwww…Eats_Crayons, better yet, bring in a big batch of homemade brownies and don’t share them with your cow-orkers. Course, I’m still all for Bippy’s suggestion of farting in their desk drawers too. Hmm…ya know, eating a bunch of brownies could bring on a big ol’ case of drawer farts. :smiley:

FairyChatMom your MOTHER forgot you at Christmas? :eek: When I come to Jaxtown, not only will I buy you dinner, you get a Margarita and some chocolate too. Poor dear!

Them bastiches! You see, this is why I’m in charge of the lunch ordering, 'cause I know they’ll ‘forget’ me. Yeah, I’m still that same kid picked nearly last in gym…

You should definitely poot in their desk drawers, just riffle through them for any good candy before you do!

Aw, Eats_Crayons and my darling belladonna…I"LL have lunch with you. When’s good?

We can invite Khadaji and pork out BIG TIME!!!

And the best part is, we can do it in honor of FairyChatMom, who certainly has the best angst of anyone here so far. If she wasn’t so far away, we could invite her, too.

Oh, wait…how far from WA are OH, Canada (unless we are talking about BC???) and PE? :smiley:

[sub]Nevermind…I’ll just have lunch all by OWNself … and dedicate it to the lot of you. Personally, I see enough of my co-workers during office hours. I’d MUCH rather have lunch with the four of YOU!!![/sub]