*Sniff* I'm so proud!

My little boy is growing up… Tonight I tucked him into bed and asked him if he wanted to watch Cartoon Network (yeah yeah, we ALL go to sleep watching tv here, flame away) and he said “No, I wanna watch Animal Planet”

That’s my boy!

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Next it will be The Discovery Channel and “Wall Street Week in Review”!

They grow so fast, but sounds like ya have a great little kid there, Opal. Congrats to you for rearing a smart, secure little boy.
Go watch a few cartoons yourself (withdrawal is tough!) so he doesn’t forget is perfectly okay to stay a kid. Heck, some of us manage it for decades!


Wait until the day he calls you Mom, Opal. The first time my oldest son called me that I did a double take. They do grow fast. Congrats, sounds like a smart boy!

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

Ain’t that neat? I remember when my son switched from the Cartoon Network to the Discovery Channel. He got hugs.

I also remember the first time he said, “Wuv you, Dad.”

Aw, shucks. Gettin’ a little misty here.

He already does call me Mom sometimes. And sometimes he calls me Mop, which is what my husband and I call each other (see http://fathom.org/opalcat/evolution.html for details)

He will also tell you if you ask him “Mommy’s name is Kaffrin”

Teeming Millions: http://fathom.org/teemingmillions
“Meat flaps, yellow!” - DrainBead, naked co-ed Twister chat
O p a l C a t

Wow right on that rocks! Congrats! I hope your son grows up to be at least as smart as me!
<snicker, snicker!>

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When our 5 yr old started calling us mom and dad…I freaked a bit…then I realized she was doing because our two older children do.

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I feel so. . . um, well maybe “left behind” might not be the best choice of words. . . but I STILL haven’t switched over from the Cartoon Network. In fact, I think I’m addicted. The shirt I’m wearing has Pepe LePew on it. . . I’d change but looking in my closet all I can see right now are Tarzan shirts. . .

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In the midst of packin’ the kids up fer their holiday visit with the anti-wife, me 4 year-old daughter disappeared into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out and handed me a huge lock of her hair that she had cut off, “So you won’t forget about me while I’m gone Dada.”

Brought me to my knees.
Dr. Watson
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and death shall have no dominion.”
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Kids are so awesome… the first time my son called me mom, he was playing in his room and came out bouncing around going… momomomomomom, it was hilarious… There is definitely nothing like the love of a child, and hearing those magical I love you words.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

(Also earned me an outraged, “What in the name of God did you do to this poor child’s head!?! I can’t take her out in public looking like this!”)
Dr. Watson
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When my daughter was in the first grade, she was hard to wake up. My standard method was to put on some music, pull on her foot, and ask “are ya ded mon?”. (from a movie about the Jamaican bobsled team).
Once, I had a pretty rough night, had been up a lot, and was dreading getting up.
She must have heard, because she got up early, turned off my alarm, got ready for school by herself, and waited till about 15 minutes before time to leave. (so I could sleep longer)
The first thing I knew, there was a hot cup of (very strong) coffee on my night stand and she was shaking my foot, going, “are ya ded mon?”
…sometimes it’s awesome to be a dad.

Nicky has good taste, Opal. Animal Planet is great, for one reason and one reason only:

The Crocodile Hunter.


“Anger is what makes America great.”

Crick&Watson: that one punched me in the gut just reading it. Fuggedabhout the Anti-Wife; you have a loving little daughter there who loves you back. The rest is just pointless baggage and dreck.

And, may I say, respect to you for being a loving father to a daughter. Doesn’t sound like either one of you are in an easy situation, but “not easy” seems to be about par. Nothing substitutes for wholehearted love for a kid. You haven’t allowed the Anti Wife to taint your love for your daughter, and your little girl knows it.

The rest is just sound, fury and nonsense.