If there’s anything that smells better and more refreshing than cilantro, I don’t know what it is.

Fresh cut grass.

I don’t know what that is.


Four day dead rats.

In a puddle of urine.

With mint frosting.

Actually, I like lemon zest.


I’m serious.

But would you shower with soap that smelled of it?

No, no, he means grass like the stuff they play baseball on. We’re allowed to discuss that here. :wink:

And I’ll have to cast my vote for the same. And oranges. Mmmmmm… orange grass…

Try putting cilantro in your chili. Ummm!

Wet pavement tiles after it’s been dry for a long time, and it’s just starting to rain.

The smell of fresh bread coming out of a bakery at 4 AM as I’m walking home from a night on the town.

Smelling fresh bread whilst walking on freshly rained-on pavement tiles. :slight_smile:



Coldfire, I’m with you on post-drought wet pavement; I thought I was the only one. It smalles like nostalgia somehow.

Yeah! Exactly!

Couldn’t have said it better. Nostalgia, that’s exactly what it smells like.

Maybe not refreshing, but I love these smells…

Old books. Musty, hints of ancient wisdom, brings to mind old, comfortable bookshops with tabbycats on the shelves and a single window letting in a few rays of sunlight (of which there are, sadly, very few in Taiwan.)

Other people’s hair after they’ve washed it. Especially my best friend’s hair. She has this special watermelon shampoo that smells so good

My SO :slight_smile: He has this distinctive can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it warm comfortable smell.

I second fresh bread and freshly cut grass, too. Mmm…

freshly bathed babies in clean PJs

Fresh cut grass

Summer rain

Brownies in the oven

Fresh poured concrete.

Or asphalt.

Yeah, I’m an engineer. :rolleyes:

Ohhhhhhhh the bread and the baby thing oh yes!!!

Toast - reminds me when I was ill and my Mum would bring toast in bed :smiley:

Men outta the shower with good aftershave on.

Freshly brewed coffee.


Freshly showered men with just the scent of soap on their skin.


Bed sheets that have been dried outside on the clothesline on a sunny day.

Nostalgia smells like crushed worms?