Snl 11-21

The funniest part was how much KT looked like Reba. He had her expressions and eyes down perfectly.

It’s been on at least once before and did then too. It’s basically GILLY: THE MUSICAL.

Very impressed with JGL (who even though he’s 28 I feel somewhat dirty for finding hot since I’ve watched him since he was a kid). He had some slick non musical moves on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night (the laser tag chase starting about 7:35). Does anybody know if he’s done musical theater because he seemed to sing in every scene he was in.

I really enjoyed the cold open. I wonder if “Do sex to me” will become a new catchphrase?

Or Manic. Or Mysterious Skin. Or the Lookout. Or Stop-Loss. In short, he’s about as good an actor (if less popular or overexposed) as anyone from his generation.

I liked the show a lot, w/the Obama cold open a bit unfair but very, very funny and JGL’s opening bit really impressive for its guts and stamina.

The Andy/Reba video was priceless, and JGL did a good job in about everything he did (even when the skits weren’t so good). And “What’s Up With That?” already runs the risk of getting old, but I still think it’s looney and entertaining.

We were laughing pretty hard at that opening skit.

He went full on nekkid gay sex scenes in Skin, which was a gutsy move for a young actor. I’m guessing it was kind of like Radcliffe in EQUUS- a way of saying “I’m all grown up now”. In interviews he comes across as way more intelligent than most actors (not saying a lot admittedly, but intelligent for anybody I suppose- also has given interviews in French on youtube so apparently he’s well educated).

I first remember him from the miniseries Powers That Be where he played the son of David Hyde Pierce and Valerie Mahaffey, and he was on several episodes of Roseanne as DJ’s weird friend.

Out of curiosity- no judgment implied obviously, just curiosity- does anybody know if he has any Asian ancestry? His eyes and build both imply it to a degree.

Heck, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt is such a good actor. He was even good in “10 Things I Hate About You” (a teen rom/com; the cast makes it quite watchable tho)