Snl 11-21

Host was good. Loved the Palin 2012 take off. Not bad, all around.

Holy cow. That song that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s song and dance during the opening monologue was the most amazing thing I’ve seen on that show in a long time. It wasn’t actually that funny, but the physical aspect of the dancing was incredible. JGL flipped off the wall twice, jumped through a third wall onto a crash pad, fell down 5 or so times, then a kip up a the end.

The mellow dude show, whatever it was called, was pretty funny. Of course, as soon as Bill Hader was introduced as Dave Matthews, it telegraphed that Dave Matthews was going to be in the skit as well. Dave did a pretty funny send up of Ozzy Osbourne. I’m not sure who JGL was playing, though.

There was another What’s Up With That? skit with Mindy Kaling and Al Gore. The look on Al’s face at one point during Kenan Thompson’s singing was priceless.

There was another Thanksgiving skit where everyone is angry at each other, Kristen Wiig keeps threatening to walk out but everyone yells at her to sit back down, then they sing, then argue at the end. I know they’ve done this before, it was OK. Another situation where they need to find a new ending if they re-use one of their skits.

I take it you’ve never seen the original. JGL’s number was a brilliant homage!

He was playing Jason Mraz. Here’s a youtube of the song he was doing the parody of.

ETA: He did a pretty good job.

Love JGl . I thought he did a wonderful job, esp compared to that woman last week

O’Conner’s version was a lot better, of course, but he had the advantage of multiple takes.
Man, that What Up With Dat? sketch dragged. I’m glad I was already in bed, becasue if I’d been standing while watching it, I’d’a fainted from sheer boredom and maybe hit my head on something.

I haven’t seen it yet, since I watch on Hulu. But I am glad this one was good, as last week’s was quite boring. I was actually considering not bothering watching this week’s for a while, so I’m glad you guys brought this to my attention.

Here’s hoping they won’t have copyright problems putting that song online!

I noticed that the right and rear walls of the set were tilted back as soon as camera moved on to it. Being familiar with “Singing in the Rain”, I knew this meant that the host was going to mimic Donald O’Connnor’s back flips, but hadn’t had enough time to master it off of a normal 45 degree wall.

The walls in the original are equally tilted back as well, and not - as I think you meant - 90 degree angles.

You are right on both counts. Here’s the vid:

You know what I was remembering? The same stunt done by the tap dancer in “Riverdance”. See here (and prepare for joy!):

While I have never liked Andy Samburg or Keenan Thompson much, (two of the weakest links in an already very weak cast) the digital short (KT as Reba McEntire) was my favorite bit of the (overall so-so) show…

The Obama in China opener was also pretty good and Fred Armisen is getting Obama’s speech patterns down quite well by now.

(And of course I cant post in a SNL thread without my trademark comment on how absolutely stunning Kirsten Wiig is, and how she may be actually less funny than would be the love childe of Pauly Shore and the girl with cerebral palsy from the last season of “Facts Of Life”)

I thought the Dave Mathews number was pretty good until he started doing his little foot dance thing. Reba McEntire and What’s Up With That were alright but for the love of god what is Al Gore doing in a SNL skit? Both turkeys?

I thought it was a really good episode. I had never heard of the host before, but he impressed me all the way through. The digital short was funny, and there were only a couple of lame skits.

The new female cast members, Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate, continue to impress. Nasim was good as the interpreter in the opening skit, and she’s been very good as Kim Kardassian and Barbara Walters. Jenny Slate did a fantastic biker chick a couple of episodes ago. Abby Elliot is pretty good as well. This is shaping up to be one of the strongest female casts the show has had.

The ‘Reba’ rap by Andy Samburg and Keenan Thompson was sheer lunacy. I loved it. I couldn’t laugh because my mouth was just hanging open. I laughed later.

I watched the last 45 minutes or so and I was not superbly impressed. I liked the mellow show and the Reba and Andy rap, but aside from that, I wasn’t really laughing out loud at anything.

Except Al Gore’s appearance on Weekend Update. Craziness will save the environment. The trees are going to get me!

Looks like SNL didn’t have clearance to put the “Make 'em Laugh” opening on Hulu, even tho the rest of the episode is up.

For Hulu watchers, it’s up on YouTube for the time being, until NBC takes it down.

A question for regular SNL viewers----Does Seth Meyers ever appear in sketches anymore, or is he solely the Weekend Update anchor?

I dont watch too often these days, but I cant recall seeing him in any sketches for a long time…

It’s not just him. Dennis Miller, Norm MacDonald, Colin Quinn and Tina Fey all sharply limited their appearances in sketches when they hosted “Weekend Update”. Amy Poehler was unusually active in sketches during her news-stint, likely because she was one of the few talented performers during her tenure.

Check out a movie called Brick. He does a fantastic job as the lead.

Horrible, horrible show. And they underused a host who could have done much more.

Gore also made his annual appearance on 30 Rock to promote Green Week. They gave him much better dialog here.

Meyers is the head writer for the show, and also writes Weekend Update. That means he’s normally too busy to do much of anything else.

Yeah, he did a good job. With how much they had him singing and dancing, it makes me wonder if he’s planning on angling for a Broadway gig.