SNL; 3-17-18. One of the best episodes in a long time!

Anyone else think last nights episode was a home run? I always record it and watch it the next day because, as much I like SNL, I usually skip through the boring parts (and the commercials, of course). But I only skipped the commercials this time.

The Lady’s Card Night skit had me in stitches. And the Irish Dating Game bit was hilarious. Kate Mckinnon as Betsy DeVos was about as good as it gets on Weekend Update. I don’t usually watch 60 Minutes, but I did catch that interview, which made the skit all the more perfect.

I didn’t see the whole episode, but I tend to watch “Weekend Update” online the next day because I think it’s usually hilarious. And I look forward to any “Eric and Donald Trump Jr” visit.

Is there anything Kate McKinnon can’t do? She could do a one-woman show using just Trump administration characters. Her DeVos was brilliant.

I thought the Californians felt a bit off this time. The whole rhythm of it felt weird, especially without Vanessa Beyer there. The rest of it was pretty good.

Bill Hader’s ability just towered over everybody else’s except maybe Kate Mckinnon’s. Having Kenan Thompson pushed into the background helped a lot. He’s good, but not great. He’s been the go-guy too many times recently with the rest of the cast almost worthless in sketches. Same for Aidy Bryant, who is better as a reacter than as a lead.

And no Trump was a good thing. A less than perfect sketch is way worse than no sketch at all, and the Trump sketches have rarely been perfect this year the way they were last season.

A really good episode. I only skipped the last sketch, probably a record of keeping my finger off fast-forward.

I’ve found this season’s general filler sketches to have some really funny ones, with some good fourth wall moments, such as the game show with Jessica Chastain asking about reality in a time of Trump…

I can’t remember the specifics, but now when I plan to watch, I think there’s a decent chance of actually laughing a lot. Ah yes, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody worked really well though I thought it was going to turn out really bad…

I always enjoy the Californians sketches but I must say I’m amused / surprised at the way (if it actually *is *the way) Californians are seen. I mean I know it’s a parody and it *is *kind of based in fact (as are all stereotypes), but the characters speak like Valley Girls. Admittedly I haven’t been to L.A. in several years, but do any adults still speak that way? I lost that obnoxious affectation when I was about 12. Also, I don’t ever remember people overly discussing their travel rtes (though we absolutely do say “the” before the freeway number).

It was great to see Bill Hader. His monologue was strange and not good, but he more than made up for it the rest of the show. I laughed out loud a few times, particularly during Irish Dating Game.

I’m still deciding if I like Arcade Fire or not. IIRC they had a hit a couple years ago though I can’t remember the song, only hearing their name a lot. I think I liked listening to them much more than watching them.

The Vally Girls from the 80s have all grown up. But there is definitely a lingering bit of the accent even in 40-year-olds. Some, not by any means all.

I still watch it every week, DVR it and watch it on Sunday morning.

I did enjoy seeing Bill Hader come back and loved seeing Stefon on Weekend Update.

The Californians was ok, not as funny as it used to be, but that’s probably because Vannesa Bayer and Kristen Wiig were missing.

The Jurrasic Park casting skit was good too, as was the Irish dating game.

Actually, I enjoyed last week’s episode with Sterling K. Brown even better - I thought his timing was perfect. I hope he hosts again.

Bill Hader talks about the origins of the Californians here. Like a lot of things on SNL, it just grew mostly out of a bit of random silliness. I don’t think they’re attempting any kind of trenchant commentary on Californian culture.

Having been born and lived my entire life in the OC and West LA, I have to say this is just not so. Outside of TV I can’t remember the last time I have heard the accent. Changing demographics are also in play.

As I was holding my sides with tears running down my face from laughing at Stefon, I remember thinking that it *still *wasn’t anywhere near the best one I’ve seen.

I respect the Californians sketches as a weird concept, even if they seldom make me laugh.

The Ladies’ Card Game was one of the few times I’ve seen where everyone on stage lost it at one point or another during the sketch. That requires a fine blend of the bizarre and the silly.

Interesting; thanks for sharing that.

If you’re a fan of SNL, definitely check out Seth’s interviews. Dude was on the show for like 10 years and never misses an opportunity to talk about the behind-the-scenes history when fellow alums are on.

You need to get out more is all I can say. :slight_smile: No, no one talks like Moon Unit, but there are bits of that accent that I hear fairly often, even in educated, professional women. In fact, one of my neighbors was the butt of many jokes because of her constant stringing out of the “er” endings. They seemed to go for-EVERRRRR. It didn’t help that her name is JEN-iferrrrrr.

But that accent still exists.

I know for me the thing that the sketch gets right and is always hilarious is LA residents obsession with directions and freeways.

I thought the Hader Norwegian/Alien encounter sketch was the only one that was “…yeah, I get it.”

I also liked Hader’s take on the St. Patrick holiday sketch (although it was cut for time, it’s on Youtube). Those sketches have fill in the blank style to them but I always crack up. Michael Keaton’s Easter version is still my favorite. (Some people don’t like the hollow chocolate bunnie…but how else are you going to get your penis in there?)

I was really pleased to see Bill Hader was guest host, and thought the cold open with him, Fred Armisen, and John Goodman was as good as they get; those guys are such pro’s. Goodman was great portraying the “I can’t believe this happened to me” guy like a laid-off steelworker.

Great episode, and I guess I’m just crass but I laughed and laughed at the Lamp Potty sketch at the end.

I love SNL and watch it every week, but not live.