SNL is stealing from your genius Gunslinger!!!

In this thread Gunslinger mentions how Ventura and Arnold are both governors and both were in Predator. Tonight on Saturday Night Live they had a ‘commercial’ for Carl Weathers running for Governor as “The Black Guy From Predator.”

And while I usually don’t enjoy SNL any more except for Weekend Update, I did enjoy watching Kermit the Frog call Justin Timberlake a douchebag. :smiley:

That is all, now back to your normally scheduled broadcast

This was the first episode in a long time that I thought was funny pretty much the whole way through.

They did a similar joke on The Daily Show ending with Senator Predator. Sen. Hillary Clinton was the guest and she later made a joke about serving in the senate with the Predator.

I guess obvious humor is obvious humor.

Yeah, The Daily Show also made the obvious, “Arnold fondles Hitler” joke, which I’d seen on another board days prior to that particular episode (the one on the night of the actual Recall election I believe.)

Question: I wonder why they never made the obvious Recall election/Total Recall connection? Total Recall '03 would have made for a funnier header for the whole Daily Show Recall coverage than the one they did use, “Re-Decision '03”. But maybe that’s just me.

And maybe they did make the connection?

Funny, considering the obviousnous of the reference that I’ve never seen it used.

Wow, you really aren’t in CA. BELIEVE me, it was used. The Daily Show may have considered it beneath them, because it had been used too much already.

I think they went with “Re-decision '03”, as it goes well/works off their usual “Indecision” coverage. Branding, people!

I’ve seen that joke all over the place.

And SNL was quite good last night. Go Kermit! :wink:

They also copied an old bit about the Bee Gees. I do not know the source but I believe it was a European show. I saw it referenced in a Bee Gee special on PBS.

Speaking of Weekend Update (somebody was), did Jimmy Fallon pull another fake crack-up again? Guy thinks he’s Harvey Korman or something…

Even one of Arnold’s campaign buses was named “Total Recall”.

I thought the show was better than last week and better than most that I’ve seen for the past season or two. And although I was not looking forward to Justin Timberlake as host or musical guest, I have to admit the guy impressed me with his energy and willingness to get into the spirit of things. The Punk’d and Jessica Simpson sketches were both fun takes on easy targets. The writing seems like they put extra effort into tailoring material to his strengths.

As for his music, just how much time has he spent listening to old Stevie Wonder albums?

I still think that Weekend Update is losing steam however. The jokes just lack the punch they need, and seem to get most of their lughs currently from Tina and Jimmy’s delivery.

The opening Hardball sketch was okay, even if they still soften and dumb down the political humor more than I like. Yeah yeah Karl Rove is the Evil Overlord, tee hee, that’s original, how about expanding on that idea? Ann Coulter is nutty and funny enough without having her turn into a spoiled child in the sketch, then sudden turn into a media whore at the end. They could have played her brand of lunacy/liberal baiting/traitor naming for laughs just by having her whine for more camera time from Matthews and then call him a traitor when he didn’t give it to her. Or have her expanding her traitor list to include anyone but her, even her own parents for daring to have other children (if they did) since it took time away from molding her into the superpatriot she thinks she is. Or calling Bush a traitor for not nuking Iraq already.

I too was impressed by Justin Timberlake’s performance on SNL.

Crap. My wife and I decided to skip it because we think Justin Timberlake is, well, hardly better than a third-rate Muppet; in our opinion, his personality compares unfavorably to one of Gonzo’s chickens. And it didn’t suck? Well, poop.

Here’s some heresy for you. Not only was SNL better last night, but if Jack Black had been put into the very same sketches - and he easily could have for several - he would have done much worse than JT.

Amazingly, the kid may have a future.

They oughta put Justin Timberlake on the payroll at SNL. I was very impressed with him. He had me from the first few minutes of his “Punk’d” sketch and his Jessica Simpson impression had me rolling.
I didn’t even channel surf during his singing segments either, which says a lot.
The Kermit the Frog sketch was an instant classic. That clip will be shown on SNL’s next big anniversary show, I bet.

[slight hijack] Did anyone else think that Kermit puppeteer looked more than a little bit embarassed during that sketch? He looked very uncomfortable and looked as if he was trying to hide his face. Still hilarious, though. [/slight hijack]

The Kermit puppeteer was Will Forte, one of the newer cast members on SNL. (His most hilarious bit, imho: The “I propooose” guy on Weekend Update.)