SNL March 7

I thought this was a good episode with Dwayne Johnson (the Rock). Dwayne is comfortable on stage and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. I thought the best segment was the sports talk one with the alien. One of the funniest segments I have seen in a long time. The lighthouse skit was also good. I liked the “a bj would also work” line. I skipped watching the singer, but he did have a big band of homely people. Next week the host is Tracy Morgan, so that could also be a good show.

I thought it was a really solid episode.
*The alien sports host was hysterical. Loved how all the callers kept pointing out how obvious it was that he was an alien, especially the “I just saw you giving him human lessons” part.

*"The Rock Obama was probably my favorite bit. I love Samberg’s Rahm.

*Cathy during Weekend Update was very good. Always fun to see Timberlake show up. He’s hilarious.

*Cold open was ok. I loved how desperate Geithner was for ideas on how to fix the economy. The Nigerian prince was awesome.

*Johnson’s Fosse monologue was great. Who knew he was such a great singer.

*I enjoyed the lighthouse sketch, especially the old-timey sailors and how they were baffled by the jet-ski. I was surprised by the BJ line… a little edgier than SNL has been known for for awhile.

*The weakest parts for me were the McGruber bits. They already blew their MacGuyver wad w/ those Pepsi commercials so it wasn’t as clever as it could have been. Also, part of the fun of McGruber is that it’s a parody of MacGuyver but I thought having him be his father kind of hit us over the head with it. I did like him pooping on his ashes though. Also, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen bare ass on SNL. Is it the first time?

*I’m a huge Ray LaMontagne fan so it was great seeing him. Glad he did “Trouble” as well as his newer song.

The alien sketch had me rolling. I always like the last couple of sketches because that’s were they cram everything they deem “to out there” for lame-wads that tune in for the first much more mainstream hour.

Best episode I’ve seen in a long, long time. I had never heard of the musician before, but really liked him and will be downloading some of his stuff from iTunes shortly.

I laughed at so much of this episode. No absolute come-to-a-cold-stop painful crap, or I was just in a susceptible mood.

The transition to “The Rock Obama” was great, as was Hawaiian!Dwayne’s reaction to someone thinking Obama was from Illinois.

I thought Dwayne did a pretty good job of mimicking Obama’s clipped speaking style. About the only sketch that really fell flat for me was the yogurt one.

The yogurt sketch was blah. The one that really killed me, though, was the Hawaiian restaurant sketch. The Rock and Fred actually sounded pretty good, and Dwayne looked like he was having a lot of fun with the dancing. I also cracked up at the end of the alien sports show host sketch, with the interview guest threatening him with his water bottle.

I agree on the yogurt sketch, it’s about time to retire that.

I like MacGruber, I thought it was pretty funny that MacGuyver named his son MacGruber MacGuyver.

The lighthouse sketch was also funny, I don’t recall the BJ joke off the top of my head, but Kristen Wiig telling Dwayne that he can “Whale on her fanny” was pretty funny.

The Hawaiian skit and alien sports talk skits were also pretty funny.

I think the yogurt was probably the only clunker and WU is using more guest commentators, so Seth Meyers gets someone to play off of.

I did not realize Jesscia Rabbit was Jesscia Biel but I guess that made sense with Justin Timberlake as the nerd. She looked great but she always looks great.