SNL Monologue Cut From NBC/Hulu Feeds

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Joseph Gordon Levitt. For whatever reason, his monologue was cut from both the feed and Hulu feed.

Anyone know what that’s about?


Did the guest host sing during the monologue? If so, it might have involved rights to the music.

That’s a bingo.

Happens all the time. Zack Galifianakis’s monologue had an Annie (the musical) bit that was chopped. Rights negotiations are stuck in the 20th century model.

You can usually find these bits on non-youtube video sites.

He didn’t sing. Instead, he did a Magic Mike homage. It was, by far, the best SNL monologue I’ve ever seen.

It’s amusing, but Chris Farley’s bit as a Chippendale hopeful was better.

So was it too risque (it was very, very sexy…) or was it the song? (the song was a “It’s Raining Men” remix)

I don’t like JGL but it was very, very sexy…did I mention it was sexy?

They played It’s Raining Men during his dance number. That’s why it’s not on Hulu.

Damn that Paul Schaeffer!

It is ridiculous. This is not a new issue, they should get things figured out. I assume SNL has to get the rights to play each song for the original broadcast, I don’t know why they don’t at the same time get the rights for the clip to be shown on the internet.

It was indeed quite good. It is too bad the video isn’t on Hulu, but there are plenty of gifsonline.

It’s expensive, and clearance issues for broadcast is probably difficult enough on the timescale that SNL runs on. And I presume Lorne Michaels feels it isn’t worth the effort to pursue in most cases. If something goes particularly viral and the Internet world is crying out for it to be on Hulu, they can presumably work on the Internet clearance issues at their leisure in the week following the broadcast.

I don’t know, I didn’t think much of it, definitely not in the same league as the Chris Farley/Patrick Swayze skit (RIP). Tres Equis was the hit of the weekend for me.

It was a pretty mediocre show, in spite of the presence of JGL. Seth MacFarlane’s episode last week was a lot better.

FWIW, the same thing happened on JGL’s first appearance on SNL. For his monologue he performed, “Make 'em Laugh”. His monologue was cut from the Hulu videos. I had to wait until NBC rebroadcast that episode to see it again.

You guys know this stuff is a google away?

Thank you for that. I’ll be in my bunk.

Thanks for the link!
I loved the idea and execution, but I just can’t get hot and bothered about an actor whose name always conjures up this image for me. It feels…wrong somehow… :smiley:

Whew - after seeing all those gifs, I’m turned off. Those stupid faces were the antithesis of sexy.

Except who’s going to watch it on Hulu since it’s available elsewhere? The one time when the views are hot is when the video is first released. People don’t tend to go to Hulu for clips.

I get why the system works that way, but I agree that it’s a dumb model. It’s not like there’s any real difference between TV and Internet rights as far as what it does for the content owner. Both give you exposure. Neither will prevent purchases of your work. And the Internet has the advantage of giving you more information per view, allowing you to make more money off the more popular videos, rather than having to guess ahead of time how popular something will be in order to set your price.