SNL's Star Trek Parody

The skit is pretty funny and Pine does a mean Shatner but what is craziest is they used the same guy who played Sulu in 70s with Jim Belushi and the 80s in a skit with William Shatner.

I think you mean John Belushi not Jim.

The first Star Trek parady all those years ago was a true classic. I’ll check out the new skit later.

Oops I did.

“And aside from one television network, we found intelligent life everywhere.”

Live long and proper. Promise.

Now THAT’S a star trek!

NBC executive: Well, I love the guy! But, can you make him younger? I think if he was 9 years old, and a mental genius, it would work. I hear Stephen Shea is available.

It’s no Wrath of Farrakhan.

Not bad, pretty funny. I loved the Neil DeGrasse Tyson imitation the best.

I wondered about that.

I thought the joke was there were so few Asian guys in the case or the crew, that had to get that older fellow to play Sulu. But it could be that’s true also, even if it was the same guy from way back when. Anyway, I liked the skit and what’s-his-name did do a killer Neil DeGrass Tyson, too!

The guy who played Sulu has been an SNL crew member who started as a stagehand almost at the beginning of the show. IIRC he’s a set designer or something now.

As I say in the other thread on this episode, apparently every time that Saturday Night Live does a Star Trek sketch, they have that same guy (whose name is Akira Yoshimura) play Sulu. He’s been a production designer on Saturday Night Live for the entire history of the show. Perhaps they keep using him because they’ve never had a cast member whose ancestry is 100% Asian (although Rob Schneider was a quarter Filipino and Fred Armisen was a quarter Japanese). Of course, he now looks ridiculously too old to be Sulu from the original series. (I can’t find any definitive statement anywhere if anyone else has played Sulu on Saturday Night Live.)

His name is Akiro “Leo” Yoshimura. He was the assistant set designer during the original cast years, then moved up to head designer after Eugene Lee left. He had a hand in designing the “home plate” sets since the beginning of the show.

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Kenan Thompson. He does a great Steve Harvey as well.

One my favorites of the current SNL cast members, along with Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer and the Weekend Update guys.

There’s an article that got big on Reddit basically saying he’s the workhorse who keeps the whole thing going, and a great straight man. Oh, and he has a tied record for longest run on the show, and will beat it next year.

The article is named from a Tina Fey quote: ‘If You Take Out Kenan Thompson, The Studio Will Explode

I like that they basically grabbed the (other) gimmick from Star Trek V, giving Spock a wacky, illogical brother.