Snooker: "Chess With Balls"

I watch when the spirit moves me, but am more interested in Korean 4-ball carom billiards. I started watching snooker on a regular basis back when I lived in Maoming and the sports network showed it a lot. I don’t have TV service in my apartment in Beijing, so my TV craving is satisfied by online videos. I do enjoy watching snooker from time to time though.

Is that where there are four balls on a table with no pockets and each player must hit two balls with every shot?

I’ve never watched a game of that but it does look quite good.

Yes. I’m only familiar with the two Asian versions of the game, Korean and Japanese. In the Japanese game, you get one point for hitting two of the other three balls on the table and two points for hitting all three of the other balls. In the Korean game, you do not score a point if you hit the other player’s cue ball and your turn comes to an end. There are a number of other games played in Korea on the pocket-less billiard table, but by far the most popular is the basic four ball carom game. I got rather good at it the first time I lived in Korea and still practice when I visit the country–sadly, thanks to this pandemic, that’s not since February.

You can watch this YouTube video from a match three years ago, between Lee Seon-gi and Song Gir-yong. Click on the CC for captioning, then click on the little gear symbol and select Subtitles/CC, click on the little > to the right, and select auto-translate, finally selecting English. Or just ignore the announcer. Oh, you should also select 1080p for the quality.

Thanks you for telling me to put on the subtitles:

“…will be in charge of this game, and he’s half handsome” :joy:

Yeah, that’s hilarious commentary, isn’t it? Reminds me when a friend of mine while we were stationed in Japan asked me how someone as ugly as I am (FTR, he was just joking–I’m not even close to ugly) had such a beautiful girlfriend. I told him, “Not all of me is ugly”. :wink:

Snooker still fascinates me, though not as much as a couple of other games. The Brazilian version of snooker is pretty cool. Power snooker is very entertaining–time limit on the game, power play, power zone, power ball, loud and wild crowd, and it’s sort of a combination of regular snooker and continuous pool. A four ball game, Kaisa, reminds me a bit of snooker only in that the rules are complicated; otherwise, it’s more like English billiards.

I just discovered this website, cuetracker, wlhich gives cricket statistics and results.

That woudl be snooker stats & results. Sorry about using the wrong sport’s name.

No worries! It’s quite an interesting site actually.

Just watching the World final - is anyone else watching? Selby is very very good isn’t he? I’m rather hoping that Murphy turns this around though.

I was hoping for a last frame thriller, but Selby is a worthy winner.

And with a fourth world championship he really does now rank amongst the greats.