Snow, snow, beautiful snow.

Beautiful Sunday morning, snow falling gently, pot o’tea and the SDMB running at full speed. What could be more peaceful?

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

And piffle to those anti-snow grinches in the Pit! Piffle, I say!

At least someone appreciates what they have.

[sub]sigh I miss snow. A lot.[/sub]

I want snow :frowning:

Ditto to both posts on top of this. :frowning:

At 7:30 when I got up we had us a regular old blizzard type snowstorm goin’ Got an inch & 1/2 or so… But by the time we headed to church at 10:30 it had changed to rain and now its all gone again. I guess snowmobiling in April is too much to hope for; at least here at the 45 parallel. Now if I could convince Mrs. Kamikazee to move farther North… hmmmmm. Gotta work on that.

More fluffy snow overnight.

It’s just so peaceful out there (with me inside, of course).


Darn, wish it would snow where I live :frowning:

Oh well, we are having a pretty cool thunderstorm tonight - guess I can’t really complain.

God damn snow. Its May already! It’s not supposed to be sticking.

I looked out my deck door 2 days ago and saw 5 pairs of Trumpeter Swans in a pond behind my house. I’ll bet they’re really happy to be back, too.

[sub]grumble, grumble…[/sub]

Color me jealous. Winter’s my favorite season–you can never have too much snow, I say! This from the girl who was psyched to go to Buffalo this winter when they had seven feet. :slight_smile:

I miss snow as well. After living in Wyoming for 5 years… well, it just becomes part of ya. Used to sit in the car before work at 430am, listening to the snow crystals hitting the car… Ah - so peaceful.

Now I live in the East Midlands (UK) and don’t get as much snow as I’d love.

Who’s up for snow-cream?? :slight_smile: You remember - huge bowl of snow, dash of milk, either vanilla or chocolate milk stuff, and a bit of sugar to taste. Give it a stir and grab the spoons…

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Why do I have this image of someone playing bagpipes in a blizzard?
If I want snow, I will go to IT, thank you very much

Sure wish we’d get some of the white stuff down our way - we’re in an incredibly severe drought.

Hey, Washte, where did you live? I’m in the Bighorn Basin …

We just finally got rid of our snow here.

Lucky, lucky people. I’m a touch fond of snow, myself.

I love snow… in the winter, its May, make it go away!

I wish I’d been in Buffalo during the big blizzard last Christmas; this winter we had exactly ONE day with snow - and it turned to rain after a few hours.

Oh nothing like waking up on Sunday morning and seeing a bit of snow in the garden…and going into the shower and having it melt. Snow in May is a bit excessive, but it’s the temps running 20 degrees below normal that’s getting me down. Bleh…

dono, I spent 6 months working for Grand Teton Park at Colter Bay. When my contract ended I moved to Jackson Hole, where I spent just over a year. From there I moved back up to just east of Moran (entrance to Grand Teton National Park) to Buffalo Valley where I lived for about another year. Then… off again… moved across state to Cheyenne where I lived for about 2 1/2 years.

In Buffalo Valley there was about 4’ of snow that winter. When the drive was scraped it was placed next to the house so the drift was over 8’ deep. I loved it! True it was often -30 degrees, but the skiing was wonderful and I loved the cold and snow. Cheyenne didn’t get as much snow but it did get quite cold.

Washte–how did you like Jackson? What did you do there? I went there last spring break with about 200 other students from my school. I had a blast, and in fact, one of my friends is trying to convince me to go be a ski-bum there for a year after I graduate.

easy e rather than hijack the thread, i sent you an e-mail regarding Jackson.

Good luck.