Snow turned me back

I headed toward Seattle today, but I ran into a blizzard at Burlington. So I came home. From the weather reports, it sounds like that might have been a good choice. Heavier snow is expected later, especially up north where I live. I wouldn’t want to chance it in the Prius. I started the Cherokee for the first time in a couple of months, in case roomie needs to use it to get to work tonight and get home tomorrow morning.

Mundane and pointless enough?

I just coughed.

In February? Yes.
Now had it been July…

I just belched.

That’s what I heard – and that it’s supposed to come from the north. I’m just under the Canadian border, so I guess we’ll be getting some. I was surprised it was snowing so much 40 miles south of here.

It doesn’t appear to have hit Marysville or Mt. Vernon or anywhere south of there yet.