Snow White Question

If I’m not mistaken on Jeopardy tonight one of the clues in the “Snow” category said that, “In early versions of the story, she had a sister named Rosey Red”. The answer was Snow White. I probably messed up what the clue really said but I am interested in the Rosey Red part. I’ve searched and have turned up nothing. Thank you in advance.

That’s ringing a vague bell. Sounds right. Sorry, can’t help you more than that.

The Grimms collected (or wrote themselves) a somewhat different and–I thought–unrelated story called Snow White and Rose Red. IIRC, too, the two “Snow White” names in German were slightly different forms from one story to the next. I’ll try to find my well-thumbed copy of the originals and let you know what I find…if someone doesn’t get there first…

There are definitely fairy tales entitled “Snow White and Rose Red”. Check your library for books by Andrew Lang. As I recall, and it’s a pretty vague memory, the stories didn’t have much resemblance to the Snow White story, other than the way all fairy stories seem to resemble each other.

A google search for “snow white and rose red” turned up Snow White and Rose Red

It doesn’t seem to bear much resemblance to the Disney version of Snow White, but I’m not up on my fairy tales anymore.

I bought the book “Grimms Complete Book of Fairy Tales” and they have many different versions of the same fairy tale. For instance Hansel and Gretal were abandoned by their parents in the woods.

Little Red Riding hood was called Little Red Cap in two of the three versions and so forth…

The two stories are urelated. In the Pantheon Books The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the story that Disney messed with is known as Little Snow White and is listed as story #53. Snow White and Rose Red is story #161.