Snowmen Anti-Islamic, says cleric

The people weren’t taking it:

You wonder if a ban on depicting things in snow would result, as bans on sculpture and paiting, in snow-Kufic Script or snow tessellations.
Or maybe just snow-castles. The ban on depicting people and living things doesn’t seem to have resulted in bans on sand sculptures depicting buildings and books:

At the risk of stereotyping, I suspect that sand sculpture was a more likely medium of popular expression than snow in classically Muslim regions. Although I observe that most of the things in the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum (from which the above is drawn) are of people and animals:

The First International Persian Gulf Sand Sculpture Festival featured geometric patterns, but also seemed to have animals and people:

How do they feel about butter sculptures?


The point is that *all *depictions of people, in whatever medium, are sinful to a hard-core literalist. The mere fact it’s in snow (or butter), and a crude caricature, and temporary doesn’t excuse the fact it’s still a depiction of a person.

The idea may be silly to us, but at least the guy’s being consistent.


And if it isn’t circumcised within eight days the rabbi will have a problem with it too.

Double Spoiler Boxed per rules…

تمسك الإبل كبيرة هناك قد يضر الحمار الخاص بك ، ولكن تمسك تماثيل الزبد هناك تسيء إلى الله .

Actually you’ll notice that there are no depictions of people (or animals) within a temple, to avoid any hint of idol worship.
When we came back from the Congo we brought back a small statue of the Virgin for some Catholic friends. Our quite devout neighbor scratched her nose, because doing so meant there was no respect for the statue and thus no possibility of worship from us. (I was 10, don’t blame me.)
I don’t know what the rules are about the Orthodox making statues.

Does this butter sculpture make me look fatwa?

Does Bart Simpson’s snowmancount as an image of a human?

‘Large camel stuck there may harm your ass, but stuck butter statues there to offend God.’?

Can someone put that into English syntax?

♫ Do you want to build a snowman? ♫

Okay byyyeee

Oh dear. My phrase book must be faulty.

I stand with Frosty!


Lets build a snowman, we can make him our best friend

Just don’t put the hat on Frosty.


NSFW. Jesus vs. Frosty, the first cartoon from Matt and Trey, spoilered for obvious reasons.[/spoiler]

ok - I laughed.

Does the snowman like warm hugs?

I wonder that, too.

Most Christians seem to be okay with Big Butter Jesus though. But it seems that God wasn’t. :wink:

I read a blog once of a muslim woman who would take her daughter’s books out to the garage until she could either cut out of black out any image, or even caricature! I’m not sure how that girl will be able to attend school, basically every textbook is haram.

For all the non-sense FOX and shit invent, this is one real laughable fundie thing I have never seen them bring up.

Now now, there are lots of good reasons for postponing a bris, like if the baby isn’t in good health, or if whoever made it forgot to provide it with a snow-shlong.

Sweet Lord, I do not go to enough county fairs.