So, a Dingo did take her baby?

Remember this case? resolution?

I had only ever heard the catch phrase and a few months ago I finally read up on a little bit and IIRC several babies had been taken by dingos before and after that case. Plus, I think they found the baby’s clothes or diaper scattered in the outback.
Why did she end up on trial over it? Did the other mothers?

It’s a rehash for some reason. The evidence was found some time ago, the problems with the prosecution revealed, and conviction overturned, or something along those lines. This may be part of clearing up the record.

D-I-N-G-O, the dingo ate her babe!

Assuming the wikipedia article itself isn’t biased, the case against her sure seemed to be

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Irrc there was a lot of bad feeling toward Lindy Chamberlain led by the press because she didn’t appear sufficiently grief stricken – or at any rate she didn’t make the kind of public show of her grief that was somehow expected.

Yeah, this. I’m (just) old enough to remember the case from the beginning, and the general public consensus from the start was that the story seemed fishy so therefore Lindy was guilty of something, if not murder, regardless of the evidence.

That seems to have drifted over the years, and I think most people now believe she’s innocent.

A sober reading of the facts seems to suggest that if anyone deserves punishment it’s the police and forensic investigators.

BBC TV just showed live the verdict ruling it was a dingo. That should settle it once and for all.

No to a lot of Aussies, we never bought that a dingo took the baby. Just seemed to “easy” to blame a dingo but hey if the courts say a dingo did it then so be it. I just don’t feel satisfied that this was the case.

Wasn’t there a hunter who saw the dingo with baby, but never told the public about it? He spoke about it recently, if I recall correctly.

I think he was dismissed as a hoaxer. I recall there being huge holes in his story (if he’s the guy who claimed to have shot a dingo with something in its mouth that turned out to be a baby so he took it back to his home in Victoria and buried it and never mentioned it to anyone for nearly 30 years).

I absolutely believe in Lindy Chamberlain’s innocence so I’m pleased the coroner has given this verdict. After all she’s been through, this vindication must be something of a comfort to her.


But gawd she’s a bogan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it me, or is this case Casey Anthony’s predecessor? Woman loses baby, is accused of murdering the baby, public opinion is divided.

Cases like this arouse all sorts of controversy, since they push a lot of sensitive buttons about how people are “supposed” to behave under stress and after a crisis. They are ripe for a miscarriage of justice if not handled with real care, attention to detail and professionalism by the police, the prosecution and the courts. They seldom show people at their best.

I’d have said it bears more similarity to Jon-Benet Ramsey or Madeline McCann than Caylee Anthony, though all four are only similar in the most basic of details - that a young daughter disappeared and the mother was suspected of murder by some, believed to be innocent by others.

The Chamberlains were a young, deeply religious family out camping with their children when one disappeared. It seems insulting to lump them in with the irresponsible, pathological liar Casey Anthony who was, at best, out partying when her child was killed.

Right, because a lot of Aussies, are prejudiced against minorities and are also racists. The latest coroner’s finding (how many do we need ?) is final: The Chamberlain family didn’t ‘sacrifice’ their daughter. A dingo took their daughter.

I remember how ‘a dingo did it’ became a sick joke here in Australia. No wonder the Chamberlains marriage collapsed and she moved to the USA to escape the witch hunting.

Just saw on the evening news that finally a death certificate of Azaria Chamberlain was issued and the cause of her death … no prizes for guessing that.

The Chamberlains have been vindicated.

Are the Chamberlaines a minority?

I would like to see the newspapers and the originators of this joke being interviewed now.

How would they react, with this development?

Seventh Day Adventists were regarded with suspicion in the early 80s. Not only were the Chamberlains members of this unfamiliar “cult”, Michael Chamberlain was a pastor. That’s why the rumour that “Azaria” meant “sacrifice in the wilderness” travelled so far and wide (it helped that the three Chamberlain children had names that were unusual for their generation).