So a girl told my 12 year old son she loves him today.

I think my middle son is becoming that rare person for whom middle school is a positive experience. It’s odd to observe from this perspective. I’ve always been jealous and envious of people who are born attractive and liked by all.

For the record I think my son is liked by all for his amazingly sweet and accepting personality, at least mostly. Attractive doesn’t hurt though.

This year he decided to let his hair grow and it flops perfectly and he looks kind of like an anime character with his enormous blue eyes. He’s already had a lot of girls tell him they love his hair, and today one of them told him she loves him.

I asked him what her name was and he said (sweetly), “umm…I forget.” Then I asked what he said. “Well, then lunch was over.”

I just had to tell somebody.

Ah young love…

Thanks for sharing, it brought me back to those days, oh so long ago.


Now they must get married.


Awww. :slight_smile:

And so the craziness begins… poor guy.

Buy condoms, and teach him how to use them.

Make sure that girl wasnt a teacher.

oh dear, that is the rule isn’t it?

That’s great news! Make sure you get her name so you know who to hate if she breaks his heart.

My son came home from first grade to tell me that he was married. When I asked about how he knew she was his wife, he said, “She kicked me in the butt three times.” Got it on video and am saving it for his wedding. You May Kick the Bride sounds like a good title to me.

My 12 year old daughter told us her friend was coming over to help with homework last week. After working outside I went up to the game room to meet her and here’s this cute little boy sitting on the beanbag chair and my daughter on the couch with this goofy grin on her face I’d never seen before. Okay, it’s officially started. The funny thing, she’s about 5 inches taller than him but that’ll probably change by the time this first boyfriend, you know, hits puberty.

Keep the stories coming, carlotta. It’s news we parents can use.

Upon checking my almost 12 year old son’s phone recently (who has a great personality and is gorgeous too) I found he was trading I love yous with a girl in his class.
He has since graduated from that class and now attends a different school than her.