So about that man from Nantucket...

Like a lump on a log here I sit
My work? I haven’t done shit
I’m procrastinating
Thus accentuating
My intention to soon say “I quit!”
Tell me about your day!

In this career I’m beginning anew
I finally had a phone interview
It went pretty well
I didn’t say ‘hell’
So maybe I’ll live someplace new.

Not the best limerick, but I guess it’ll do.

With a reasonbly good job, I cope
(All you who have no jobs, take hope!)
It’s occasionally lame
But heck! I write games!
Still, I’d rather be reading The Dope

With productivity loss,
Management tends to get cross,
We want to see sweat,
So now you should get,
Your ass back to work, signed your boss.

To get all my daily work done
I hike all around in the sun
I pound stakes in the ground
That say where things can be found
And don’t often have very much fun

There once was a day that sucked.

I feel like a chicken that’s been plucked.

I guess I’m depressed

Because life’s such a mess

So today’s just getting chucked.

OK. I’m leaving now.

A day spent on SMDB
Even with an exhorbitant fee
Prepares the ground
For an all-round
And better, more fabulous, me!

I just took a new higher-paying job
So I can stop living at home like a slob
My new tasks are hard to intuit
But I must to learn how to do it
Onward, onward through the fog!

I like the haiku format myself. Limericks are ok, but haikus are cooler. :wink:

I sat by myself
Ringing, that’s the telephone
Phone interview on Monday

Television off
Perhaps I’ll watch some Buffy
Season one, two three?