So, am I strange?

I’m sitting here in my office in the attic of my house, feverishly clicking away at my mouse and hammering the keyboard - doing my damnedest to get my first 3D human figure (nicknamed “Flatman” because of the way I built him) finished in Blender.

Between bouts of hyperactivity, I feed my poor little brain with one of my favorite snack foods - peanut butter and sugar. Yes, that’s right. Peanut butter mixed with enough sugar to kill the stickiness - and spooned down right out of the bowl.

I’ve eaten peanut butter this way since I was a little kid going to school in Greensburg, Louisiana. The elementary school there served peanut butter and sugar for dessert sometimes. Not everyday, but often enough to get me in the habit of eating the stuff.

I guess I should be glad that Mom and Dad put me into a private school after a couple of months there. If they hadn’t, I might have developed a liking for the pickled pig’s feet that you could buy at the elementary school to eat during recess.

So, am I strange?

In a word, yes. :wink:

Seriously, though…I’ve noticed that the south makes everything about 100 times sweeter than the rest of the country. Why is that? They put Karo syrup on biscuits. They make that hideous Sweet Tea, and now you tell me you sugar the peanut butter? What is the dental community paying you people??

Ummm. Sweet iced tea.

Ummm. Biscuits with T.J. Blackburn’s maple flavored cane syrup. (Karo is for Yankees.)

Wow - remind me never to send my kids to the public school in Greensburg, Louisiana.

When I was a chillin’ my favorite snack was a “peanut butter on a spoon”. Mom just gave me a spoon full of peanut butter, and I slurped on it for a good while. Sometimes, though, she’d put honey on it, if I was exceptionally good and we just happened to have honey. Never had sugar on it, though, and I’m a jin-u-wine southerner.

But that doesn’t make you weird. It makes that anutritional elementary school weird, for serving sugared peanut butter as a dessert. What, it was too hard to throw in some flour and unsalted butter and make cookies?

Ahh, hell, how weird can you really be, when all you’re doing is eating what’s in the middle of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…and if you were hooked on those, no one would bat an eye.

I agree, though, that the school was pretty weird to have started you on that habit.

I used to mix peanut butter and sugar as a child. It was a good substitute if there was nothing sweet in the house and I was desperate.

I’ll go you one further, though. I used to also mix peanut butter and Bacos. Yum, yum.

yup… Karo is Yankee food… (as is anything “maple-flavored”… sorry) I go for Alaga syrup myself… and you don’t “put syrup on biscuit”… you SOP syrup with biscuits… and there is a trick to it… you pour enough syrup down to fill the bottom of your plate, then mix in butter until it is thick enough that if you were to drag a cathead biscuit across the plate, you’d tear it half-in-two (note: do not stick your knife back in butter without licking off the syrup… manners every time, I say)… then “sop” up the mixture by dabbing your biscuit into it…

Good Eatin’!

apologies and thanks to my departed friend Jerry Clower

My ex lived with foster folks in Kentucky. That’s where her learned the Karo syrup thing. And yes, he did mix it with butter. It made my teeth hurt just looking at it. Eww.

Sweet tea, absolutely. Sweet spoonbread, red velvet cake, candied yams, without a doubt.

But what is this talk of Karo or Maple cane syrup? Are you people nuts? This is blasphemy.

In the real south, there are two things that are put on biscuits at a proper meal - butter and honey, child. :smiley: If it’s breakfast you might think about putting on some homemade preserves, perhaps some good blackstrap molasses in severe pinch, but never store-bought jelly, and certainly not Karo syrup! Heavens.

Thanks for adding to my list of Reasons to Stray No Further South Than Maryland.
JuanitaTech, who generally drinks her iced tea unsweetened.

Mmmm…peanut butter on toast with sugar sprinkled on top…so good…

Bona-fide Southern gal checking in here.

My mom used to serve this wonderful dish, especially when we were out of sorts:

Mix peanut butter with maple syrup in about equal parts. Serve with either fried salmon, buttermilk biscuits or wonderbread (or all three, depending on how blue you are). Dip the salmon or bread into the peanut butter mixture, eat and enjoy.

Even now when I’ve had a bad day, the most comforting thing I can think of to eat is pb & syrup.

Brown sugar and butter on toast…mmmmmmmmmm!!!

This makes me glad that my brother hasn’t done any weird food combinations with peanuit butter that I know of.

As for pickled pigs’ feet, my mom made me have some once. I didn’t like it at all.


You betcha. Nothing like a slice of toast out of the oven with the sugar and the butter baked right on. Mom used to make that for us for breakfast sometimes - that and milk toast with lots of butter, sugar, and cinammon mixed right into the milk. Ummmm.

Ahhh. Cinammon rolls. Canned biscuits dipped in butter and rolled in sugar and cinammon then baked to fluffy gooiness. Ummmm.
Flatman is finished - at least the body. He’s not animated yet, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

A little tip to any new Blender users out there: DO NOT leave faces inside the model. Blender will then fuck up the normals, and leave you with holes you cannot close - closing one forces a recalc of the normals which produces new holes.

Find the little bastard in amongst a few hundred other triangles. Grumble, grumble.