So am I the only one giggling at the name Mike McQueary?

One of the players in the Penn State sex scandal.

That name tops Anthony Weiner!

Yes, you are.

If a guy named McQueary were involved in some sort of gay sex scandal, that’d be sort of funny. A guy named McQueary seeing a guy rape a child isn’t funny.


You’re a cool lady.

Yeah, I’m not seeing a lot of humor in a guy walking away from a child rape to let his boss finish up with his rape.

Worse, the indictment said the victim saw McQueary. So that means the child made eye contact, and then watched his potential rescuer walk away. That, for me, is the worst part.

If you had made this a poll, Annie, you’d be buried. Why not ask for it to be closed.

Yeah, I read that too. So this kid is getting raped by this old man, another guy walks in the kid’s eyes meet with McQueary’s eyes and then McQueary walks out leaving the kid to keep getting ass raped, so that kid knows for sure that he is absolutely nothing in this world, less than nothing, when compared to college football. Plus: no one at the university ever tried to find out who the kid was, his ass raping went on for years after that.

Yeah, Annie-Xmas, that is a real fucking knee slapper.

If his name were Richard McQueary then you might have something.

This question comes, by the way, from the woman who goes fucking ape shit at the mere mention of Woody Allen and the weird circumstances with his wife.

Seriously – got a link? (Not that I doubt you, I’m just curious)

Agreed. To know that this kid had a chance to be saved by someone… a witness to the crime, and know that person just walked away crushed me. That kid could be anyone’s child. Anyone who trusted an adult to watch over their own child for an hour or two or whatever and bring that child back without permanent emotional scars.

It’s a laugh riot, Annie.

McQuery has a lot to answer for, and not just because he has a bad name. Like JoePa, it seems just telling someone about the act means you’ve done enough. Hands are washed… I did my duty. And because of it, my job is safe.

Pathetic. I hope McQuery, JoePa and anyone else that knew and kept silent get sued by that poor kid in the shower, along with any other child that was molested after people knew. I hope the PSU gets sued too. I hope the law can figure out a way to put McQuery and Paterno in jail for not making sure this was taken care of. And I hope McQuery is never permitted around children again. He clearly lacks proper judgement.

I hope one of the kids sues, and the only thing that’s asked for in the suit is that PSU football is shut down forever, and Joe Paterno’s name may not appear anywhere on the Penn State Campus. No buildings, no pictures, no nothing.

McQuery will never work at PSU again.

Yes,good plan,lets punish even more innocents.

who is punished, exactly?

Any kid that plays football at PSU will be able to transfer to any school he wants. Just like the SMU kids did when they got the death penalty.

No, PSU will probably not get the death penalty unless they agree to it. Too much money flowing into that 100,000 + seat stadium.

Too much money.


That’s what this whole tragedy boils down to.

Yes, unfortunately, when a corrupt institution is shut down, sometimes innocent people lose their jobs. There is collateral damage unfortunately, but of course we must not forget the ACTUAL damage done to Sandusky’s victims that were abandoned by Paterno and McQueary in the service to God Football.

No, I’m sure there are a lot of 10 year old boys who are just in stitches over it.

Yes it is funny but not as funny as Sandusky’s book title. :smiley:

Anyone else find it funny that the victims of child rape got to see the university students riot when they found out the coach got fired, not when they found out that the administration enabled their continued sodomy?

Funny isn’t the word I’d use for that.