So, Anybody Wanna Help Me Steal George Lucas's Tucker?

I just found out that it’s in town, being restored, and I’m thinking that given how disappointing the new Star Wars films were, George really doesn’t deserve the car, so she needs to be liberated, and I need a crack commando squad to pull it off. They allow free tours, so we’ll be able to do plenty of reconnaissance before hand. Any volunteers to help out?

Only if you throw in some wenches and mead.

Why’d he send it all the way to Tennessee? I’d have volunteered to help out if he was having the work done closer to Skywalker Ranch!

Steal the Tucker, replace it with a Buick LeSabre and tell Lucas you’ve gone back and enhanced his car and now it looks like you’ve always wanted it to look.

He’ll buy that.

I’m in! Do we wait until the resto is done, or swipe it when it’s in pieces and rebuild it ourselves?

No, a Corvair! It’s air-cooled and rear engined, like a Tucker. It’s been improved!

Good ta have you back Tuckerfan!

Sure, I’ve got American and Metric, plus some spanners. Oh wait, you said wenches. Fresh out of those, I’m afraid.

Actually, I’d replace it with this if I could. :eek:

Ok, here’s the plan, we’ll all sneak in hidden in the trunk of some old hunk o’ junk that gets towed in for repair. I’ll disguise myself as a mechanic and go looking for the car. Meanwhile, you go find the alarm system and cut its power. We’ll all meet up back at the car and drive away.

And, for heaven’s sake, if someone should discover you, don’t just stand there and take it.

There is no god!

Nah, just give him three more Buicks and tell him it was in line with Tucker’s original creative vision.

Maybe ask these guys.
It’d be fun to steal Lucas’ Tucker an Atom At A Time.

Dude! You can’t steal a guy’s food! Sure, he has more chins than a Chinese phonebook; but stealing a bloke’s tucker is low!

I’m in, but only if we replace it with a life-size model of a Tie fighter.

why would anyone want to take George Lucas’ dinner?

I think Kythereia and I qualify as wenches, and I’ll bring some mead. Just don’t hit the car with the axe, 'kay?

I’m in

ASE certified mechanic. Tow truck driver. Was once a Repo man. Lets do it.
e-mail in profile, let me know when and where.

I can see it now:
“Straight Dope Members Captured in Daring Tucker Heist Attempt - Sentenced To Be Thrown in Sarlacc Pit”**

And today’s award for most appropriate sig line goes to:

Too slow, CalMeacham! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Nah. Too well-guarded…by Ewoks.

I could face the Clone Troopers, but MAN! I’ve got a sensitive stomach! One look at thos saccharine little bastards & I’d vomit up my immortal soul.
[sub]Which I’m still making payments on, I might add.[/sub]

I’m in!! As long as we don’t offend the Mother Tucker. (I hear she’s old)